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CARIBBEAN By Joy Wesson Today after homeschooling my kids, I took Crystal out to buy groceries for her family of seven. She is not the mother but the oldest daughter in the family. She takes on a lot of the responsibilities. They live without their father in the home and are in a difficult situation. A family member of mine sends money to help them buy food once a month. While out with Crystal, I stop at a pharmacy to buy medicine for German, a deaf and blind man in our church. When I go into the pharmacy, the sweet Dominican ladies working behind the counter come and lean over the counter to give me a big hug. They want to know how we are doing. They do not have the eye drops German needs, but I am able to buy a topical ointment he uses.  We go to another pharmacy where I hope to find his drops. As I walk in, I see a 14-year-old Dominican boy who typically begs and shines shoes in the parking lot next door. He smiles and waves as he remembers me. He used to come by my house and beg when he was just a little boy. I go into the pharmacy and buy the eye drops for German as well as an ice cream bar for my shoe- shine friend. He thanks me and promises me to read the Chick tract I have given him. We continue to the grocery and while Crystal is shopping, I have a sweet encounter— talking about the Lord—with the security guard standing inside the front of the store. We see him on a regular basis and he speaks to Kimberly (my oldest daughter) off and on as we visit the store from week to week. I share with him the story of Josh giving his life to save those Dominican teenagers.* He in turn encourages my heart with his words of affirmation as he spoke of how he sees Christ manifested in our lives and the grace of God that he witnesses as he watches us each week. He is a professing Christian and promises to pray for our family as I give him one of our prayer cards. As I come home in the evening to prepare for the things that I need as I face the next day, I thank the Lord for the opportunity to live here once again—and to try in some way, somehow, to make a difference. It is beyond words how the very same heart can feel such sadness, yet, profound peace and real joy. It is explained in one word—GOD! I just wanted to give you a “peek” into “my world.” It is a wonderful life! W *Josh Wesson went to be with the Lord August 7, 2015, as he saved three boys caught in a riptide. Joy continues to serve in the Dominican Republic. 4 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2017