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Saint-Quentin, New Brunswick FAR NORTH “The Little Quebec” By Dan Post Did you know there are one million French- speaking Canadians who live outside of Quebec?  Many live in neighboring New Brunswick, one of the maritime provinces of Eastern Canada. New Brunswick is the only Canadian province that is officially bilin- gual. There are pockets of small towns where French is the primary language. Our journey to “Little Quebec” started years ago when the Lord first spoke to our hearts about this needy area. We had been mission- aries in West Africa for many years and were blessed to serve among some of the finest Christians we have ever known. Our 16 years in the Ivory Coast were filled with challenges and blessings through which the Lord proved Himself strong over and over again. We serve such a faithful God! We responded to the Lord’s leading and arrived in Canada—our new field of service. What a myriad of changes, climate just being one of them (climate change does exist)! It was like going from the “frying pan into the freezer”!  As one preacher used to say it is the land where “few are called and many are frozen.”  Slowly but surely we are learning a new culture, a different French accent, and a different mentality. One thing has stayed the same—the need people have to receive Christ as Savior. The most frequent question people ask is “Why did you come here?”  If in our explanation we mention the name Baptist, often the reply is “We do not know anything about Baptists.” We are excited about sharing the love of Christ and His salvation with people in this needy area.  Most people know much about religion and nothing at all about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We have been here since August 2016 and little by little we are meeting people and getting to know them. One thing the Lord showed us after being in Africa for so many years is that relation- ships are important and people need to know you care about them. Our prayer is that the Lord will use our past experience combined with what we learn in our new field to share the Gospel with those who have never heard. We are thankful to have the opportunity to share Christ in this town known as “Little Quebec.”    W After we helped in two ministries in New Brunswick and Quebec, the Lord directed us to St-Quentin, New Brunswick. This town is located in Northwest New Brunswick, not far from Chaleur Bay. This area was settled by Quebecois and French Acadians from the Atlantic coast. Logging and agriculture are the largest industries. St-Quentin is also known as the maple syrup capital of Atlantic Canada. 5