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Independent Baptist Bible School. Ron White and Don Sisk helped establish this school nearly 50 years ago. This trip served as our survey trip with CLAIM as a family. Our family of five learned many things on this trip from now knowing to use luggage straps to attach car seats to suitcases, to meal organization, to the benefit of having our own metric tape measure. We so enjoyed the fellowship and words of wisdom given by the veteran missionaries working beside us. After the demolition and removal of the existing floor, we were able to hang sheetrock and lay 850 square feet of tile. Ladies on this trip were able to help with preparing and serving meals and preparing the newly laid tile for grout. In addition to the construction, I was able to go with a group to a local park and pass out Gospel tracts. Chris and I were raised going to church and were saved in our early teen years but were not called into missions until years later. Chris spent ten years as a general contractor in Florida and the past six years in Indiana as a licensed well driller. After college I went to work in a nursing home putting to use my geriatric social work degree. A few short months after we were married, we went on a missions trip to China—little did we know this trip would change our lives. The Lord showed how we could use our talents directly for His glory on the mission field. After a few other mission trips and a convicting church service, we dedicated our lives to missions and said, “Where He leads, we will go.” We learned about CLAIM through CAMP BIMI and we knew this ministry fit our passion to serve Christ. We are humbled to know the Lord has chosen us to take the Gospel to the whole world through the two main avenues He has taught us to use— construction and teaching others. Since we were not called to pastor a church in a certain country, it was exciting to find where our family fits into the Great Commission. Our favorite aspect of CLAIM is that ANYONE who is willing to go can and will be used. Whether you have a skilled craft or you have hands that can pass out tracts or you have the ability to clean and cook or you have a heart that can give encouragement and share wisdom—the Lord can use YOU! W 7