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FAR EAST A Fruitful Field The Philippines By David Harris My first visit to the Philippines occurred years ago while we were serving in northern Japan. At a Spiritual Leadership Conference in Manila, I received my first impressions of this needy land. Never did I imagine that subsequent visits would allow me to see all of the ministries where 16 BIMI families serve.  A second trip enabled me to join a stateside pastor who planned to take the Gospel to the Philippines in an unusual way. His church committed to the production and distribution of one million tracts in Manila. Churches throughout the city became excited about the project and committed to a second million. Sixty of his church members passed out the first million tracts in four days. Local churches passed out the second million in one day! Thousands responded by texts, emails, and visits to churches telling of their decisions to turn from their sin to Christ.  From those early trips the Lord opened doors for us to assist our BIMI missionaries as the Assistant Far East Field Director and since April 2012 as the Far East Director, a position that 8 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2017 enables us to care for the missionaries serving with BIMI. One of the ways care is given is to visit our missionaries. When we arrive, our goal is to encourage them, but all they are doing amazes and encourages me.  Schools open their doors to allow values-training, providing opportunities to preach the Gospel and impact young people. Families open their doors and gather others to hear the message from God’s Word. Workers go to the homes and neighborhoods holding children’s services to get the Gospel to others. Funerals allow God’s people to show the love of Christ and to proclaim His grace to those seeking comfort.  Jails and prisons become places for revival services and witnessing. God is blessing the evangelism and church planting efforts in the Philippines in exciting ways!  On one trip I was able to accompany a missionary who went to the field in the late ‘70s but returned for health reasons. They started several churches and taught their people to reach others. Though the missionary had to leave, those few churches blossomed to over