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was founded in 1960 as an independent Baptist
faith mission. BIMI is a fundamental mission
agency, true to the Word of God in doctrine
and method. The purpose of BIMI is to assist
fundamental Baptist churches in fulfilling our
Lord’s command to evangelize the world with
the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our objectives are to
establish indigenous Baptist churches and train
national pastors and leaders. There are over 900
missionaries with BIMI working in 100 fields of
the world.

Michael Norris, Chairman; David Pittman, Vice
Chairman; David Snyder, President; J.B. Godfrey,
Vice President; James Butler, Corporate Secretary;
Michael Edwards, Treasurer; Jeff Amsbaugh,
Andy Bloom, Tim Butler, Paul Chappell, John
Collier, Chris Edwards, Michael Edwards, Bill
Egerdahl, Kevin Folger, Denny Patterson, James
Ray, Don Sisk, Rusty Smith, Ray Thompson,
Robert Wall, Tom Wallace
David Snyder, General Director; JB Godfrey,
Executive Director; James Butler, International
Office Director; Doug Cunningham, Comptroller;
Jeff Alverson, Military; Gerry Baughman, CAMP
BIMI*SMART; Roger Blevins, South America;
Eric Bohman, Africa; Alan Brooks, Assistant
Southeast Asia; Dan DeLong, Candidate,
Deputation; Bob Green, Aviation; William
Griffin, Enrichment; David Harris, Far East; Ed
Hembree, Europe; Terry Jones, Central America;
Robert Larson, USA; Jim Lilley, Estate Planning;
Sean Lunday, Brazil; Steven Maldoff, Southeast
Asia; Don Sisk, General Director Emeritus; Gary
Sprunger, Caribbean; Steve Stone, Far North; Ray
Thompson, Executive Director Emeritus; Carl
Vonnoh, CLAIM
REPRESENTATIVES Gailen Abbett, John Bailes, Dennis Bellew, Ron
Bragg, Pat Creed, Bob Green, John Halsey, Robert
Johnson, James Kennard, Mark Logan, Michael
McCombie, Robert Meyer, James Ray, Jimmy
Rose, Ray Thompson
STAFF Don Arnold, Audio Visuals; Ken Catoe, Printing
Services; John Ramsey, Missionary Finances;
Kevin Wnuk, Computer Services
BIMI World
David Snyder, Executive Editor; Ken Catoe,
Editor; Don Arnold, Production Photographer;
Jonathan Bergen, Designer; Field Editors: John
Bailes, USA; Eric Bohman, Africa; Alan Brooks,
Southeast Asia; Gary Craft, Military; David Harris,
Far East; Ed Johnson, Brazil; Mark Lockhart,
Central America; Gary Sprunger, Caribbean; Steve
Stone, Far North; Donald Thatcher, Europe; Clint
Vernoy, South America
Official Publication of
Baptist International Missions, Inc.

All Scripture quotations are from the KJV.

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can see what works and what does not work. Consequently,
he can use this knowledge as he plants churches on the field.

Ultimately, deputation will strengthen the missionary’s faith
through the exercising of his faith. Many times, situations arise
during deputation that only God can resolve. As the missionary
learns to trust in the Lord while on deputation, it will be much
more natural for him to trust in the Lord while on the field.

There are many other ways that God uses deputation in the lives
of missionaries and churches but I will mention just one more.

God uses the deputation ministry as a tool to call laborers and
to expose local churches to missions. First, many Christians are
called into full-time missionary service through the ministry
of a missionary on deputation. As a missionary presents his
calling to a local church, God often uses that presentation to
call laborers into His harvest field. This is personal for me.

When I was ten years old, God used a missionary presenting
his ministry in my church to call me into missions. I do not
remember who that missionary was nor do I know to which
field he was going, but I know that God used him in a very
definite way to call me into full-time missions. Second, God
also uses missionaries to raise awareness concerning the
needs around the world. There are 7.5 billion people in the
world today. All too often we become focused on the needs
right around us and forget about those who live outside our
sphere of influence. Generally, missionaries on deputation—as
well as those on furlough—are passionate about missions and
they communicate that passion from the pulpit. As a result,
committed Christians will pray, give, and go more intelligently
and eagerly because of the burden they receive through those
passionate presentations.

Although the deputation ministry can and should always be
evaluated and fine-tuned so that it is as efficient as possible,
it is far from antiquated. To view it as a necessary evil is to
have an improper perspective and attitude about a tool God
is using in a great way. The deputation ministry is just that—a
ministry. As the deputation missionary ministers for the Lord,
the Lord ministers to the deputation missionary, who ministers
to the local church, who in turn ministers to the missionary.

In the end, relationships are built, missionaries are developed,
churches are exposed to missions, the Gospel is preached
worldwide, and most importantly, God is glorified. W
Please pray for the missionaries
listed on pages 10–11. These are
our newest missionaries, most
of whom are just starting their
deputation ministries.

BIMI Canada:
100 Ridgewood Ave. - Guelph, ON N1H 6C5
519-265-1950 Number 2, 2017