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Dwight & Ruth Talb
ot church in Cranbrook,
and the closest one
was in Creston, British
Columbia—62 miles
to the southwest. We
got acquainted with
Pastor Jeff Friesen and the people of Valley View Baptist Church in Creston during August 2016,
spending two Sundays with them and also attending a family camp with them and a number of
other churches from around British Columbia. The Lord knitted our hearts with them and their
vision of helping plant a fundamental Baptist church in Cranbrook.

The Lord began putting things into place during our visit as we began looking for a house to either
rent or purchase. The Lord blessed in our application for a loan as we met with the loan officer
when we first arrived and received approval just over a week later! We were able to make an offer on
a house shortly thereafter and to begin planning the move from West Virginia to British Columbia.

We began our 10-day moving journey, going to Tennessee, then to Arkansas where our container
of goods was, and then to British Columbia. The Lord blessed at the border with the issuance of a
3-year permit to minister in Canada, and we moved into our house on October 29, 2016.

We began the services of Rocky Mountain Baptist Church with two families in our home in mid-
November, and the Lord blessed with visitors from time to time. In February the Lord led us to
a facility right in the middle of town. We were able to rent it for Sunday and mid-week services
at a good price. In December Pastor Friesen and I began planning for a week of get-acquainted
meetings in April with the help of Baptist Church Planting Ministry. There were six churches
from as far as eight hours away that promised to help with the meetings and the lead up to them
with door hanger distribution. We assembled 15,000 John and Romans with the help of Bearing
Precious Seed of Canada and several area churches at Valley View Baptist in Creston in March. We
mailed 13,000 of these with an invitation to the meetings to Cranbrook and the surrounding area.

With the help of the churches, we distributed nearly 10,000 door hanger invitations during April.

The Lord blessed in the meetings with nine new visitors from the community during the week and
then six new visitors in the two Sundays following with 16 total in attendance the third Sunday. We
have also had several inquiries by text, phone, and email about the church as a result of our mailing
and door hanger distribution. We have also experienced the attacks of the enemy in various ways,
which is evidence that the Lord is working. We are thrilled with what the Lord has done so far here
in Cranbrook and are looking for His continued working in bringing souls to Himself and building
His church in this needy place. Please pray for us and for the Lord’s blessing and power on our lives,
our walk with Him, and His ministry here in Cranbrook. W
Number 2, 2017