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open ocean waters. Matt Allen, missionary
pilot, flew national pastor Holmes Tako and
me to a school that was difficult to access. It
is unbelievable to land on a grass runway on
top of a mountain. The students had cut the
grass with bush knives and lit a small fire to
help the pilot determine the wind direction.

The whole village came out to meet us. What
a joy to preach and give out over 300 Bibles
to the students in this remote area!
Though our efforts have been focused on
getting the Bibles to the schools, the LORD
has opened up other opportunities to spread
the Gospel. I was asked by Ase Boas, the
captain of the PNG National Rugby Team
(the Hunters), to give a devotion before one
of their games. Rugby is an extremely popular sport in the country. Many young people dream of
representing their country as a player. Last year during a visit to the country, I had the privilege
to meet and witness to Ase Boas. This led to a friendship that eventually opened up times when I
could preach to the team and give each of the team members a Bible. It was a bit surreal to watch
these muscle bound giants of men open their Bibles to read with hands that make the Bibles look
small in size and then sincerely hug and thank us for sharing God’s Word!
God has also allowed me to speak at a special prayer breakfast welcoming the new members of
Parliament. What a joy it was to give Bibles to the political leaders of this country! Our prayer is
that the Bibles will greatly influence the future generations of PNG.

At present, we have enough Bibles to give to every student in all the secondary schools in the
country. In October schools began exams and then they will have a term break until the last week
of January. We will begin further distribution in February 2018. Our goal is to move into Phase 2
as future contributions for Bibles are provided. Prayerfully consider contributing to this amazing
outreach. There is no doubt that lives are being impacted and changed for eternity. W
330,000 — Bibles in country at this time
121,500 — Bibles that have been distributed
351 — Secondary schools in PNG
162 (+ — 2 Secondary schools completed as of 10/5/2017
Universities) 22 — Provinces in PNG
14 — Provinces where Bibles are presently being distributed
10 — Provinces completed
* Still to be done = 230 schools in 17 provinces
* All the Bibles have been shipped and stored in areas
throughout the country for future distribution.

16 For continued updates on the
distribution effort, please go to or contact me at .