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By Ed Hembree
I t seems that as long as I can remember
talking to people about missions in
Europe, I have heard over and over
again, “It cannot be done in Spain; Spain
is a graveyard for missionaries!” While it is
true that the ground in Europe is stony and
the work is generally slow, it is not true that it
cannot be done!
Recently, I led a group of nine to Spain on
one of our BIMI CONNECT trips. The
purpose of these trips is primarily to expose
potential missionaries to the actual/practical
work of missions by working with veteran
missionaries on various fields of the world.

We spent nine days working with three
different missionary families in Spain. Two of
these families are relatively new to the work,
just 2–4 years on the field. However, the final
missionary family we visited are veteran
missionaries who have labored in Spain for
many years. In fact, since beginning with
BIMI in 1980, Julio and Andrea Velasquez
have labored in Venezuela as well as Spain.

After successfully starting one church already
in Spain, the Velasquez family began a new
church on the edge of Madrid. They have
been in their current work for just seven
years. On the Sunday we were with them,
such a blessing to see the little rented building
filled to overflowing. Souls being saved and
believers being baptized and discipled are
regular occurrences in their ministry.

It was such a joy to witness the obvious blessing of
the Holy Spirit upon the Velasquez family as they
love their people and give themselves to the work
of the Lord. As I sat in the service and looked
around at the vibrant church body, I thought
to myself, “I surely hope nobody tells Julio and
Andrea that it cannot be done in Spain!”
Is Spain a difficult mission field? Absolutely, it
is! However, if God calls a missionary to a field
of service and if that servant obeys and faithfully
serves with patience, there WILL be fruit! Brother
Julio showed me a building they are praying about
purchasing that would give them over three times
the amount of room they currently have. If you
would be interested in helping them, just contact
Baptist International Mission, Inc., and we will be
glad to let you know how you can help.

God is still saving souls in Europe. It CAN be done
anywhere on earth. Julio and Andrea Velasquez
never heard that it could not be done in Spain. All
they heard was the voice of God calling, Whom
shall I send, and who will go for us? Julio and
Andrea answered, “Here we are, send us!” W