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By Debbie Guimon
Do you remember what your life was
like 20 years ago? That is when my late
husband and I began our missionary
journey to Uganda, East Africa. We put
our feet into the figurative water of the
flooding Jordan River and saw God part
the waters and make the way clear when
it seemed there was no way. We simply
surrendered, and He did the impossible.

Twenty years ago, there were no Bible-
preaching churches or missionaries
in the area around Soroti in northern
Uganda. There were thousands of
orphans in the area who were left
devastated by the effects of warfare and
disease, and the vast majority of them
were left to fend for themselves the best
they could. An overgrown field of 18
acres, where many people had died in
battles between insurgent rebels and the
government, served as a hiding place for
robbers who preyed on the local people.

Now, two decades later, a dedicated team
of missionaries and trained nationals
minister in several Bible-preaching
churches in the area around Soroti. The
field of destruction has been transformed
into the Soroti Orphan Assistance
Project (SOAP) where 27 destitute
orphans who have lost both parents are
experiencing God’s tremendous love
for them. These orphans, along with
some staff children, attend Independent
Baptist School where they learn not only
excellent academics but
also godly character
as well. More than
20 older orphans
have completed
their primary
education at
SOAP and
are now being trained in more specific areas in local
secondary schools. Thousands of people have heard
the Truth of God’s gift of salvation, and many have put
their trust in Christ instead of their own good works.

Twenty years has made a difference for all of eternity.

For some or all of those years, many of you have
faithfully prayed and provided finances to make all
of this possible. Thank you for your investment in
eternity! May our Lord find us faithful for the next 20
years! *Editor’s Note: When God saw fit to take His faithful
servant Kyle Guimon home to heaven, Mrs. Guimon
and her son returned to the States where she served
as the Public Relations Coordinator for the SOAP
ministry, making annual trips back to Uganda. Now
that her son is grown and married, God has opened the
door for Mrs. Guimon to return to Uganda to work at
the orphanage full-time. Please pray for her as she has
returned to the ministry she and her husband began
20 years ago. W

By David Maskey
As a missionary and pastor for many years
in Nigeria, I have found it interesting to see
how God uses different people in the church.

Sometimes the person you think will go far does
not, and the one you think will not do much ends up
being the one God really uses!
Such was the case with a young man named Royal. We
remember him as a tall, skinny boy who used to live across the street. He would often
peer over his gate and watch us, yet he would not attend our church. Eventually, he
became friends with our oldest son, Jonathon, as they played soccer together in the street
with the other neighborhood boys. Royal finally came to our church for the first time in
2006 after Jonathon invited him for “Friend Day,” but he did not get saved until about
three years later in a Sunday morning service. He was also baptized at that time. After
that, he was very faithful to church, and later that year when Jonathon left to go to Bible
college, Royal thought, “Somebody has to take Jonathon’s place and stand in the gap!” So
he did and became more and more involved, working in a boys’ Sunday school class, the
bus ministry, and soul winning.

In 2011, Royal joined our Bible institute then later transferred to Providence Baptist
Seminary in Abuja, where he graduated in 2016. Soon after that, he married one of
our fine young ladies. In September 2016, he started a church in Ogoja with the help
of Independent Baptist Church of Calabar, and they are now averaging about 35 in
attendance. We recently had the blessing and privilege of ordaining Royal into the Gospel ministry.

Little did we know back then that someday God would use this tall, skinny boy, who lived
across the street and refused to come to our church, to be an ordained pastor in one of our
churches! Please continue to pray for Royal and his wife, Kemi, and the Ogoja Independent
Baptist Church as they reach their area with the Gospel. W
Editor’s Note
The Maskeys (far
right) recently
celebrated their
25th year as BIMI
missionaries. Their son
Jonathon plans to return
to Nigeria as a missionary in
the near future.