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God calls a missionary and works through him
to build a true New Testament Baptist church.

When the missionary does not adequately plan
(teach giving, save, use support, and possibly
raise money in the States) for the church to
own its own building, his work hits a wall.

The church reaches the point of being self-
supporting but has no building. The national
pastor will probably be partially supported and
subject to wild speculations in his personal rent
and in the church’s rent. The demands for the
church rent will inevitably further reduce what
the church can spend on the pastor’s salary.

Helping churches buy their own building will
help to firmly establish them. They will be seen
as permanent and part of the community. They
will be seen as stable and trustworthy, making
it easier for the unsaved to attend and hear the
Gospel. This will greatly help the spread of the
Gospel. Additionally, with a mortgage the mission
church does not have the worry of suddenly
being forced to move. Once the mortgage is
paid, this money can be transitioned into a
pastor’s salary. It is then that the church is truly
self-supporting. It is at this juncture that the
church planting endeavor for this church is
completed. W