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Clare & Linda Baughman
We were both saved as young teens, although Linda didn’t have assurance of her salvation for several years. After Bible school we
taught in Christian schools until we answered the Lord’s Call to missions, and specifically to France. We arrived in Marseilles, France,
in 1982 with our four children aged 12, 9, 3, and 1. As we learned the language, we served in a church that was being started by a fellow
missionary in Marseilles. After two years we moved on to Lyon, and
later helped in churches being formed in Limoges and then in Laon,
where we are still serving.

Although the Lord called us to a church planting ministry, He showed
us that there were other areas of ministry that were needed. One of
the most important and time-consuming was getting the Ostervald
translation of the French Bible back into print and once again available
to the French-speaking world.

Through the years we have had teams come to help and minister, so
we knew that there would be lots of planning, organizing, and effort
involved to house, feed, and occupy a team. But we also knew that there
are always great blessings. The SMART team was no exception. Since
Clare is very limited physically, Bro. Gerry (team leader and Clare’s
brother) knew we would need help with physical work around the
house, outside and inside, which included the church’s meeting room.

We were advised to make a long list of jobs to be done.

It was amazing to see that there was a team member who was experienced
and able to accomplish the tasks for every job listed. Almost everything
was able to be completed! When we enter the church meeting room and
see the newly painted walls, we praise the Lord for the hard-working
SMART team! But the greatest blessing was what each one presented
on Sunday in children’s Sunday school class, the worship service, and
a teen meeting in the afternoon. The testimonies, musical talents, and
zeal of the SMART team really blessed and encouraged our folks.

One challenge we desired to share with the SMART team and others
was to be aware of opportunities to diversify their ministry as needs
arise and the Lord opens doors. We’ve gotten involved in things we
never expected to do, and God has blessed and enabled.


Carey & Susan Abbett — SMART 2017 missionary host