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This ENCOURAGER is dedicated to the memory of our 7 CAMP BIMI alumni who are in Heaven. They are gone, but not
forgotten ever. It seemed the best way to honor their memory was to share their personal testimonies – written in their own
words on their CB applications. For family, friends and pastors, may their words bring comfort and warm your heart. For those
not yet saved, may you be encouraged to trust Christ as your personal Savior. Life is short and was much shorter than anyone
could have ever imagined for Jill, Josh, Joel, Danielle, Todd, Danielle and Kenny.

We’re thankful for the privilege to have had them as students at CAMP BIMI as they searched for where they fit in missions.

We’re grateful for the relationship we had with them over a number of years before their Home-going. For all born-again
believers, we know that based on God’s Word and their testimonies shared at CAMP BIMI years ago, we will see them again in
Heaven. It is a ‘see you later’ and not a ‘goodbye’. Pray for their families.

Dr. Baughman
Jill Hess (April 23, 1983 - November 1, 2000) – CB I ‘99
“I was saved at almost five years of age and understood God’s Plan of Salvation completely. As a young teenager,
I drifted away from the Lord and God used one of my unsaved friends to open my eyes so I could see that I
needed Him in my life. At a missions conference March 25, 1998, I totally surrendered my life to Christ and
missions. God has turned my life around. I am growing closer to Him every day.” “At CAMP BIMI, I had lots
of questions answered and got rid of doubts. God gave me assurance that He was calling me to the Philippines.

I have a special burden for the children and deaf ministry there.” NOTE: Jill got to spend the summer of 2000
working with missionaries in the Philippines.

A man in Jill’s church said “I will never forget her demonstration of love and heartfelt desire to see a gentleman
in our church be saved. As a youngster, she cried begging him to accept the Lord after on particular Sunday
evening service. Today, this man is a Christian. Her prayer requests for various people have been faithfully
mentioned throughout the years. Witnessing to her peers and being a missionary in that respect in her
hometown indicates her commitment to serve the Lord as a missionary wherever the Lord leads her. She was willing to stand firm in her
faith desiring to serve others.”
Joshua Gregor (March 18, 1983 - October 27, 2008) – CB I ‘01b
“In July 1998 I went to MD to visit my grandparents. During VBS, one service was in a barn. The speaker spoke
on hell and it scared me! After the service, I went to one of the workers and told him I wanted to be saved. Later,
I was in our youth group and our youth pastor, Jack Walker, spoke on full time Christian service. I knew God
wanted me to be a missionary because He had been speaking to me about that for several months. I didn’t listen to
His Calling until that time. At CAMP BIMI, my decision was just to do whatever God had for my life. I’m willing
to go wherever God wants me to go.”
Josh’s pastor and his teacher said “He is tender-hearted, a hard worker and very dependable.”
Joel Michel
(January 13, 1987 - August 13, 2013) – CB I ‘06a
“I was brought up in a Christian home, but I never got saved until I was 14. I knew I wasn’t
saved, but whenever my preacher talked about Hell, I knew I was going there. It wasn’t until
a Wednesday night that the Lord convicted me of my sin. I can’t remember what the sermon
was about, but the Lord was convicting me of my need of salvation. That night I got saved and
on that Sunday, I got baptized. I’ve always been interested in my family’s heritage. Both of my
grandparents came from Holland. I began taking Dutch lessons from my grandma. I never
though anything of it, but a few months after starting, a missionary asked me why I was doing
it. I didn’t really know why, but I began to pray about it. The Lord began to really work and open
doors. A missionary in Holland invited me to come to visit. The Lord has given me a burden
for Holland. I’ve been there the past 2 summers and have preached on the streets of Amsterdam
on several occasions. I feel the Lord definitely calling me to full time service in the Netherlands.”
Joel’s pastor and teacher said “Drive, determination and out-going” were his strong attributes.