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Danielle Ledford Neff
(June 29, 1991 - June 26, 2014) – CB I ’08b, CB II ‘09
“As a young girl, I prayed the sinner’s prayer many times and was baptized twice with no heart
change. I was plagued with doubts, especially at night. I would beg God to save me, but being too
prideful to accept the fact I was a sinner, I would gain only enough peace to sleep. Then in September,
I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit, on the way home I admitted to my dad I was not saved. When
we arrived home, I leaned over the console of the truck and asked Jesus Christ to save me. I thank
God that He did. For the last four years, I finally understand what it is to have true peace. At
this point in my life, I do not know what God has for me to do. I am hoping to find direction and
confirmation for whatever it is this summer. I have told God I am willing whatever it may be and
am now trying to slow down and get my priorities straight enough to hear Him when He answers.”
A year later, at CAMP BIMI II, Danielle surrendered to anything the Lord might call her to do
and was very involved in various ministries in her dad’s church.

Todd Stephens (March 2, 1978 - October 5, 2015) – CB I ‘99
“I have grown up in a Christian family and I received Christ as my
Savior when I was four years old. On July 28, 1982, I knew what
sin was and I needed a Savior. I had a zeal to serve God for about
ten years. When I entered high school, I ran from God. It was not
until my freshman year of college that the Lord dealt with me to
serve Him again. I grew up on the mission field in San Carlos AZ
with the Apache Indians. I had no desire to be a missionary until
my sophomore year of college at a missions conference. I talked to a
missionary who asked me if I had ever considered being a missionary. That was the starting point
of God dealing with my heart about missions. I gave my life to God for full time Christian Service in
March of 1998. Even though I grew up on the mission field, CAMP BIMI has given me very valuable
classes such as soul winning and leadership, in particular. I really appreciated the opportunity to fellowship
with the different directors and ask questions about specific countries and ministries. I feel that the Lord is
calling me to teach in Christian schools.”
Todd became a Christian School teacher and Youth Pastor, taking young people on mission trips. Husband of Christa Jones (CB I ’95,
CB II ’96, SM ’97, CB R/A ’97) and father of Chandler and Chanan.

Danielle Souza Willoughby
(August 11, 1988 - August 11, 2017) - CB I ‘05a, CB II ‘06
“I was saved at the age of 8. My pastor just finished giving us a message on Heaven and Hell. I
remember thinking ‘I don’t want to go to Hell. I went home and asked my mom and dad about
salvation, but I really didn’t understand salvation. I asked my pastor to explain it a little more. I let
it all sink in that night. I went home and asked Jesus to save me. A few months later, I was baptized.

The summer following my salvation, I had some doubts. Then at Northland camp, I got reassurance
of my salvation. After my youth group took a trip to Mexico, I felt that God was calling me to be a
teacher and work with the little kids. I also feel that God is calling me to work with the teen girls
and young ladies. CAMP BIMI has showed me that it is very difficult to be a missionary, but it’s
well worth it – that no matter what, God will still be with you. I am going to leave having a better
understanding of missions. I want to stick with my personal convictions and to start praying for people who need prayer.”
Surrendered to serve wherever the Lord wanted her, she married Joel, a Christian School teacher and coach. Mother of Roger and Isaiah,
they had a great summer serving at Northland camp in WI just before Danielle’s Home-going. Known for that huge smile, her favorite
verse was I Peter 5:7.

Kenneth Crofford
(December 2, 1964 – January 18, 2018) – CB I ‘16b
“On 8-13-85 Jose Alvarez of the Greenville Braves led me to Christ in the dugout
of Golden Park in Columbus GA. I learned about CAMP BIMI from my son,
Paul, and a missionary. I am burdened to come alongside missionaries on the
field and to possibly lead trips from our church to assist missionaries supported
by our church.”
Kenny, an Athletic Trainer, worked with the Houston Astros and others in
sports medicine and the medical community. Always optimistic, he praised
the Lord and shared Scripture amidst trials, and serving others. One said his
strongest attributes were his character and faith, a heart for people, desire to
serve God and love for his family. Joelle (CB I ‘16b), Paul (CB I ‘13b, SM ’14, CB II ’14, CB III ‘15), John (CB I ‘16b, CB II ’17) and Trinity
appreciate your prayers.