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Joshua Town
The world is not unreachable,
the world is unreached.

– Mark Smith
Shortly after I was saved at the age of 16, I attended our church’s missions
conference. During the conference, God worked in my heart, and on the last
night, I surrendered my life for God’s service as a missionary/church planter.

At that moment and for a few years after, I had no idea exactly where God
wanted me to go, but I was seeking His specific guidance and leading daily.

In the summer of 2005, after my junior year of high school, I attended
CAMP BIMI with a few other people from my church. I didn’t know what
to expect, but that week of CAMP BIMI helped me grow spiritually.

I was a new Christian, and I learned so much during that short
week. I was able to meet veteran missionaries from all
over the world, and I learned what it means to be a
missionary. God used my time at CAMP BIMI to
help confirm again in my heart that He wanted me
to be a missionary.

After graduating high school, I attended Bible
college. During my time there, God showed
me specifically where He wanted me to
serve—the Arab world. God has called
us to plant a church for Arabic speaking
people in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

After serving in our home church for
over a year and completing deputation,
we lived in the country of Lebanon for
two and a half years learning the Arabic
language and serving in an Arabic
Baptist church there.

We returned to the States in July 2016
and just recently started holding
Arabic services as a ministry of
our home church. Lord willing,
we will eventually become an
independent church. There are
many Arabic speakers all around
us here in Philadelphia who need
to hear about Christ and His love
for them. We would be grateful for
your prayers as we reach Arabic
speakers in Philadelphia.

Joshua (CB I ’05a) and Joanna
Town, along with their children,
Julianna, Jayla and Jennifer,
serve as missionaries to Arabic
speaking people in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. CAMP BIMI