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Everything Beautiful
in his time
I t is a beautiful day and a perfect setting.

The waves are gently lapping against
the seashore of Colwyn Bay, and the
sun seems to be resting on the peaks of
the Snowdonia Mountain Range. Tourists
are meandering through the ruins of Conwy
Castle. The sheep are lazily munching the
green grass on the hillsides of North Wales.

Mary Ray
The old church with its beautiful architecture and its tow-
ering steeple has been a prominent feature in this town for
over 100 years. Although at one time it had fallen into disre-
pair, the light shining through the gleaming windows reveals
that every spot has been carefully and lovingly restored.

The organist “pulls out all the stops” on the organ that
has 756 pipes. As he plays the introduction, the congrega-
tion is standing and singing John Wesley’s great hymn “And
Can It Be.” The music fills the building, and I feel that surely
the sheep on the hillside must hear this glorious sound and
rejoice in it.

My mind wanders back through the years―more than
40 of them. It was a bleak, wet, cold day when we arrived in
Corby, Northamptonshire, England. There were 50,000 resi-
dents in the town, and we did not even know one of them.

Our goal was to start an independent Baptist church, which