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EVENTs Taylor’s
In Great Mission Churches
Warner Robins, Georgia
(Pastor Donnie Melton)
NEW LIFE BaptIst ChurCh
Dalton, Georgia (Pastor Rick Spence)
FELLOWshIp BaptIst ChurCh
Oakton, Virginia (Pastor Chris Mann)
WOODhILL BaptIst ChurCh
Colwyn Bay, Wales, Great Britain
(Pastor Leonard James)
haZELGrEEN BaptIst ChurCh
Alsip, Illinois (Pastor John Reed)
EMMaNuEL BaptIst ChurCh
Newnan, Georgia (Pastor Terry Arp)
harDIsON BaptIst ChurCh
Byron, Georgia
(Pastor Lance Buckless)
GLasGOW BaptIst ChurCh
Newark, Delaware
(Pastor Grant Nelson)
LIGhthOusE BaptIst ChurCh
Bucyrus, Ohio (Pastor Bill Wert)
haMILtON BaptIst ChurCh
Hixson, Tennessee
(Pastor Virgil Smith)
Contact Information
For James ray or by phone at 423-802-5198 (cell)
or BIMI 423-344-5050
Mill Road
T hen he remembered the
days of old, Moses, and
his people, saying, Where
is he that brought them
up out of the sea with the shepherd
of his flock? where is he that put his
holy Spirit within him?
Isaiah 63:11
M any years have passed since that
night on Taylor’s Mill Road in
Peach County, Georgia. I was a young
teenager driving home from my job in a
nearby local town. As I drove along, I was
in deep thought about my life. As I ap-
proached a little church building known
as Wesley Chapel, my thoughts turned
to my first Sunday school teacher who
taught me in that very church.

I would walk two miles over dirt roads
from our farm to that church. My mother
had taught me about God and
had taught me to pray as a little
boy. A neighbor farmer had en-
couraged me to attend the local
Baptist church. There, I heard the
pastor’s wife speak of a personal
relationship with Jesus Christ.

All of these events were work-
ing together in my heart. In the
car that night, with all of this on
my young mind, I felt a presence.

I felt moved and stirred. I thought,
“Could this be God in the car with
me?”―it WAS. Several weeks later
as I sat in church and heard a Gospel
appeal, I felt the same presence that I
had felt in the car on Taylor’s Mill Road.

I raised my hand for prayer and at that
moment, I was redeemed―God moved
into my heart. My personal experience
with Christ came to me while I was sit-
ting on a pew. It is true that you do not go
by feelings, but if anything as big as GOD
moves into your heart, there will be feel-
ings. That was more than 60 years ago and
through all those years over millions of
miles, there has not been one moment that
I doubted God’s presence in my life.

Some time ago when the Board of
BIMI asked that I consider becoming
president of the mission, I did not im-
mediately agree. Leading BIMI was such
a grave responsibility. At that time there
were hundreds of missionaries scattered
across the world in distance lands. There
were more than 7,000 churches and pas-
tors who looked to BIMI for help in get-
ting their missionaries out. It was a de-
cision that I could not make without a
“Word from God.”
Again, I traveled down to middle
Georgia, and I drove down Taylor’s Mill
Road. I stopped at the very spot where
so many years past I had first felt the
presence of God. Again, I needed His
touch and guidance. I left Taylor’s Mill
Road that night with the assurance from
Him that I should move forward. I served
as president of BIMI until 2010. After that
ministry, I continued with BIMI promot-
ing and leading the 100 Nations Ministry
and the International Bible Ministry. In
this day when our lives are occupied with
the secular and consumed by empty pur-
suits with no eternal value, we lose touch
with the LIVING GOD. Perhaps we need
to go back to the old paths, to the “days
of old”
. . . to Find Our Way Home.