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Remember therefore ... and do the first works (Revelation 2:5).

Thus saith the LORD
… ask for the old
paths, where is the
good way, and walk
therein, and ye shall
find rest for your souls.

Jeremiah 6:16
O ver 100 years ago when
my grandfather Andrew
Crutchfield loaded up his
l 0 children for church on the old
wagon, it was serious business.

The children must learn about
God, and Sunday was a holy day.

The old dirt and dusty road in
front of his house remains today
as it was 100 years ago―Georgia
red clay adorned with pebbles and
ruts. The old church, still standing
after all that time, is located about
three miles away from the old
homeplace. The journey with horse
and wagon would have taken An-
drew Crutchfield forty minutes to
an hour each way. In church with
the children, Andrew would have
heard hymns clear and simple and
yet profound. To the children the
old pews were hard and the ser-
mon might have seemed eternal.

Yet my mother (one of those chil-
dren) remembered those days with
great joy.

Those days in the old church
were foundational for her. She
would pass on the values instilled
in her to her own children and they
to their children. Years later my
mother would retrace those old
paths. Whenever I would return home
to visit her, she always wanted me
Andy and Minnie
Crutchfield before
her untimely
death on
Easter Sunday