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Henry W. Grady, the “Spokesman of the New South”
When Henry
Grady Went Home!
O ne could not travel I-75 through the heart of
Atlanta, Georgia, without noticing the Grady Memorial
Hospital or Georgia Tech. The history of these two insti-
tutions and The Atlanta Constitution newspaper winds
its way back to a young 15-year-old boy who witnessed first-
hand the Civil War and the destruction of his state by Union
armies under General Sherman. His father was killed by a
Union soldier. That young boy was Henry W. Grady.

Henry Grady was born in Athens,
Georgia, in 1850. In time he became
the first Southern spokesman to rise
from the ashes of the Civil War. The
war ended in 1865 with the surrender
of the South. Henry and his mother,
Anne, with other Southern families
faced the devastation and aftermath
of war. The South lay in ruins. Atlanta
had been burned.