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Expanding the
Reseeding America
Ministry By Bob Larson, USA Director
Over the past two or three years, it has become evident that we need to take steps to
expand the Reseeding America Ministry. The volume of calls we now receive from churches
in decline who want us to help them, from churches that are planting churches and want
our assistance, or from churches that do not have pastors has created more demands on
our ministry than ever before. Meanwhile, the ongoing needs and requests from our own
BIMI Reseeding America missionaries go on day after day regardless of how many requests
we receive outside of our United States BIMI missionary family. We will always make our
own United States missionaries a priority, but Baptist International Missions exists to assist
New Testament Baptist churches and we would not exist without them. We feel a deep
obligation to assist churches that call upon us for help. The following steps are necessary
if we are going to keep up with the future demands of this ministry. Please pray with us
concerning the following expansion steps:
• The recruitment of retired pastors and/or missionaries who could be mobile
(who perhaps have their own RVs) and be self-supporting and be willing to work
short-term, filling pulpits of churches in decline and assisting in church restarts
— Those involved would not be BIMI missionaries but would work alongside
the BIMI Reseeding America Ministry.

• One-day conferences where we challenge and train New Testament Baptist
churches in church restart ministry
— This seminar will give healthy churches the resources and tools to minister
effectively to declining churches. Sessions would include various outreach
techniques such as acquiring sources for outreach ministry, preparing church
members to minister to another church, and using and teaching discipleship
ministries to rebuild a church in decline.

• Forming regional partnerships throughout the United States with strong New
Testament Baptist churches that can carry out a restart ministry in their regions
— The church would minister to churches in decline and recruit sister churches
to assist in this effort.

• Conducting “Every City USA Mission Conferences” where churches focus on
church planting and church restoration in the United States during their yearly
mission conferences
— United States church planters would be invited to the conference, and the
entire conference would deal with the need for new churches and church
restoration across America.

If we can help your church or if you would like more information concerning the
Reseeding America Ministry, you may email me at or contact me
through Baptist International Missions.

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