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the opportunity to connect hundreds
of international students with scores of
Christian families for their homestay. Thank
you for helping make this possible! This week
there will be 140 Japanese students arriving
for spring quarter classes. Please pray for
opportunities to build relationships and for
wisdom in developing Bible curriculum for
English as a second language class.”
Richard & Leah Jacob
Church Planters
Virginia/Washington, DC
September 2017 — “After
buying candy from a young
boy named Reggie in a Walmart parking lot,
I went on to share the Gospel with him….

He prayed and accepted the Lord Jesus
Christ as his personal Savior. After seeing
his little brother, Lawson, who was also
selling candy in the parking lot, we went
on to share the Gospel with him…. I got to
lead him in prayer and he accepted the Lord
Jesus Christ, too. We had a Gospel tract of
the Victory Baptist Church. We gave it to
them and asked them to visit that church.”
Bruce & Vicki Kelly
Deaf Church Planters in
Canton, Georgia
October–December 2017
— “We had a booth at
the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf in
November (average of 200 deaf students).

We gave out tracts and camp information.

Our church had our Thanksgiving potluck
in November on Sunday, and we had ten
new visitors!”
Andrew & Carrie Kennard
Church Planters on
Deputation in Wyoming
July/August 2017 — “At the
time of this writing, we have
attended 25 churches. We covet your prayers
as we make calls and visits that God would
open up the doors of opportunity for us to
present our heart’s vision and to partner
with these churches.”
John & Elijah Lafreniere
Church Planters in Fairfield,
Connecticut June–August 2017 — “During
the July 4th fireworks
celebration, our church people and a quartet
from Heartland Baptist Bible College were
able to pass out over 2,000 Gospel tracts.

Later that month, we participated in the
Fairfield Chamber of Commerce Sidewalk
Sale and passed out free bottled water as well
as over 350 bags of information about our
church and our Savior.”
Ken & Nancy Lalman
Chinese Ministry in San
Francisco, California,
October 2017 — “By
God’s grace, I have set the
date of February 11, 2018,
to start a Chinese independent Baptist church.

I pray that I will have all the logistics worked
out by then as far as the location and name of
the church as well as a group of people willing
to begin this church. I ask for prayer because
this is not going to be an easy endeavor!”
James & Andrea Mansfield
Church Re-start in
Commerce, Texas
June 2017 — “The new
building looks great and is
being put to use. We now
have our Sunday morning
services followed by a lunch
in our new kids’ building
followed by our ‘evening…now…afternoon’
service. This has worked perfectly for our
young church’s needs right now. The meal
and fellowship have served to knit our hearts
together as a church family.”
Ron & Shelby Manuel
Church Planters in
Avondale, Arizona — ­
“Praise the Lord for
a wonderful
fifth anniversary service! The
Lord brought in over 100
Reseeding America – Spring 2018 17