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people that morning, some of them first time
visitors (our normal average is in the 40s for
the morning preaching service). We also
showed a DVD our girls put together of the
past five years. God blessed both services.”
sent out. A mother and her two daughters
publically professed Christ as Savior and
were baptized. These three and the father are
the fruit of an elderly lady in our church who
invited her neighbors to church.”
John & April McDaniel
Native American Ministry in
New Mexico
November 2017 — “We
had some special services
to honor veterans and for Thanksgiving.

I recently had the opportunity to go to a
Navajo boarding school in Fort Wingate,
New Mexico, where my friend preached to
the children, both boys and girls separately.

I see how this is a great opportunity to reach
children with the Gospel and the school
allows the Bible to be preached! Please pray
for us as we would like to do this.”
Ed & Barbara O’Brien
Hispanic Church Planters
in Hendersonville, North
Carolina October/November 2017 —
“We have asked you to continue praying
for Junior and Elisa and their daughter,
Kimberly. All three have received the Lord
as Savior but are still unable to attend church
because of their work schedule. However,
they continue to grow as we do weekly Bible
studies with them. They are very encouraged
and Junior told me he wants to be baptized
in the river. Pray for all who will go down
into the river as the water temperatures are
getting colder as the days go by.”
Linda McKeever
Women’s and Children’s
Ministry in Southington,
Connecticut July–September 2017 —
“Discipleship Class:
Graduation time coming up in October for
five ladies. It has been two years and it seems
like only a few days! These ladies have truly
grown in the Lord! Each has a tremendous
burden for her family and for the lost around
them. PRAY for these precious ladies to
have a ministry of discipleship, making a
difference in their homes, churches, and in
their communities for Christ and eternity.”
Jorge & Anne Noriega
Hispanic Church Planters in
Las Vegas, Nevada
October 2017 — “I was
involved in a five-car accident
on the I-15 Freeway that
by God’s mercy I walked away from with
minor injuries. My car on the other hand
was totaled. The driver of a semi-tractor
(18-wheeler) fell asleep at the wheel,
crashing through four vehicles as we were
in heavy and stalled traffic…. We also had
three baptisms since the last prayer letter was
Dale & Faye Painter
Soul Winning and Evangelism in
Lincolnton, North Carolina
August/September 2017 — “We baptized a
junior girl the first of September in the river.

We had two to baptize, but one young lady
was sick and unable to go into the water.

Also, Grace Baptist Church in Johnsonburg
baptized four teenagers in the Clarion River.

I attended the services with Pastor Lockard,
the new pastor…. This is the church I helped
start several years ago. The church has been
struggling for several years not having a
permanent pastor. Now God is working in
this area; it’s a very needy area. It’s a blessing
to see God bless after many years of sowing
and reaping.”
Chris & Dawn Phillips
Hispanic Church Planters in Summerville,
South Carolina
Fall 2017 — “We currently have three men
enrolled in our Bible Institute that meets

on Monday evenings. I praise the Lord
that those men and our deacons have been
sensing a deep need for revival in their
lives, in the lives of their families, and in
our church as a whole…. I can sense that a
desire and a hunger for revival in our souls
are beginning to take root. I would ask that
those of you who pray consistently would
enter in with us, crying out to God for a
new level of brokenness and humility in the
hearts and lives of our church family.”
David & Annette
Townsley Church Planters
in Terryville,
Connecticut “At this year’s Terryville Fair, we had
beautiful weather and opportunities to give
the Gospel to many people. Four people
trusted Christ as Savior! Also, many other
people heard the Gospel but were not
ready to trust Christ because they didn’t
believe the Bible or were still trusting in
their own works. We also gave many people
information about Riverside (our church).

Pray that God would continue to work in
these people’s lives.”
Wayne & Barbara Voss
ARM Native American
Ministries in Montana
November 2017 — “Recently,
while Barbara and I were
out on soul winning visitation, we met a
Native American man who talked with
us a bit. I questioned him about what
he believed about spiritual matters. He
admitted he believed in traditional Native
religion. I asked him if what he believed
was a guarantee he would have eternal life. I
also questioned if what he had been taught
about spiritual matters was absolute truth.

He cut me off and told me he would not talk
to me anymore. I read recently in a local
informational magazine that Native people
believe what their historians say about the
past and when there is a conflict between
what is written about their history and what
the elders tell them, they choose to believe
what their elders tell them.”
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