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on Monday evenings. I praise the Lord
that those men and our deacons have been
sensing a deep need for revival in their
lives, in the lives of their families, and in
our church as a whole…. I can sense that a
desire and a hunger for revival in our souls
are beginning to take root. I would ask that
those of you who pray consistently would
enter in with us, crying out to God for a
new level of brokenness and humility in the
hearts and lives of our church family.”
David & Annette
Townsley Church Planters
in Terryville,
Connecticut “At this year’s Terryville Fair, we had
beautiful weather and opportunities to give
the Gospel to many people. Four people
trusted Christ as Savior! Also, many other
people heard the Gospel but were not
ready to trust Christ because they didn’t
believe the Bible or were still trusting in
their own works. We also gave many people
information about Riverside (our church).

Pray that God would continue to work in
these people’s lives.”
Wayne & Barbara Voss
ARM Native American
Ministries in Montana
November 2017 — “Recently,
while Barbara and I were
out on soul winning visitation, we met a
Native American man who talked with
us a bit. I questioned him about what
he believed about spiritual matters. He
admitted he believed in traditional Native
religion. I asked him if what he believed
was a guarantee he would have eternal life. I
also questioned if what he had been taught
about spiritual matters was absolute truth.

He cut me off and told me he would not talk
to me anymore. I read recently in a local
informational magazine that Native people
believe what their historians say about the
past and when there is a conflict between
what is written about their history and what
the elders tell them, they choose to believe
what their elders tell them.”
Could your church host a
Sunday School Multimedia Presentation
• A look at our biblical foundation as a nation
• Insight into the nationwide need to plant and restart churches
• Is it too late for Christians to make a difference in America?
Sunday Morning Service
• Hear the Message “A Nation That Has Forgotten God.”
• See the Powerful Video “A Nation Under God” at the Conclusion of the Message.

Sunday Evening Service
• See the Reseeding America Video “Increasing our Missionary Force by Increasing
our Missionary Source.”
• Hear the Message “Motivation to Evangelize our Nation.”
Contact us at 423-605-6098
if you would like to reserve a Sunday.

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