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The Metropolitan Mission
Fields of the United States
By Bob Larson USA Director
Seeing the Multitudes will be our theme for the next two years at Reseeding
America as we focus on the metropolitan mission fields of the United States. We chose
this theme because there are now 273 metropolitan cities across America. These large,
sprawling urban areas are home to 82% of our nation’s population. This means that
the great majority of America’s unchurched and unreached live in our large cities.

For us to effectively reach the metro multitudes, it will take thousands of new church
plants and thousands of God-called metro church planters with a vision to reach the
untapped metropolitan mission fields of the United States. It will also take a major
investment by the churches in our movement to assist men who are willing to start
and pastor churches in metro America. This two-year theme is based on Matthew
9:36, But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because
they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd.

For the next two years we are praying and asking God to do some incredible
things. Incredible, yes, but not impossible! Please pray with us about the following:
1) that God will raise up 30 new church planting families who will surrender to go to
the metropolitan United States mission fields, 2) that they will join BIMI/Reseeding
America in the next two years, 3) that we can assist them in their church planting
efforts, and 4) that God would provide permanent facilities for our BIMI/Reseeding
America church planters who are already planting churches in metro America.

Over the next two years, would you pray and ask God to begin to open doors into
our Bible colleges and our independent Baptist churches so we can share this great
need? If we are ever going to send out the needed number of church planters required
to reach the multitudes on the United States metro mission field, we must challenge
our churches concerning this need and expose them to the metro church planting
ministry. We desire an opportunity to challenge our churches to get behind metro
Reseeding America is a ministry of Baptist International Missions, Inc.,
assisting local churches and their missionary church planters in the starting of
new churches and the restarting of churches in decline across the United States. National Reseeding
America Representative
USA Director
Dr. John Bailes
Rev. Bob Larson
423-605-4020 423-605-6098

church planters with their prayers and ongoing financial support. It is vital that
we challenge our young men and women in our Bible colleges through missions
classes or missionary prayer groups to begin to pray over a list of the 100 largest,
and may I say—the neediest cities in America.

God may already be calling YOU to plant a church on the United States metro
mission field. If so, contact me at BIMI Reseeding America Ministry (blarson@ The Reseeding America Ministry stands ready to help you and your
sending church and your pastor plant a new church on the metro mission field in
the United States. We can increase our missionary force worldwide by increasing
our missionary source. Our missionary source has always been New Testament
Baptist churches. May God give us many new churches on the United States metro
mission field in the next two years!
Reseeding America – Spring 2018