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Towards the end of the year, we
have had a couple in training with
Sarah as she teaches the children’s
class so they can observe and learn
that ministry. We also have several
men in the church who have taught
the Thursday night midweek services,
given short devotionals, taken prayer
requests, and led the church in prayer.

At this point in time, our entire
ministry is being structured to train
and mentor leaders. When we have
people come to us for help or with
special needs or for counseling, we
bring in several of our men to take
part in such meetings. This is helping
our future leaders gain experience in
discernment and decision-making
skills. Recently, we had two of our
youth do an outstanding job
performing special music on their
violins for the Christmas service. I
did not even know they could play let
alone play that well! It has been a very
encouraging year of watching the
Lord work in and through the lives of
our people. To God be the Glory!
Reseeding America – Spring 2018