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By Bob Larson
I am thankful for all our United States missionaries and
church planters. It seems I never stop learning something new
concerning their ministries and the different areas of the country
where they serve. Many times, as I visit them or assist them on the
field, I learn a great deal by asking questions.

Recently, I arrived in a large city to assist one of our
missionary church planters. Right away I began asking questions
to educate myself about the area and the people where the church
had been planted. I wanted to know about the ethnic mix and
the population figures of the various suburbs in that city. I asked
about the cost of renting buildings and places to live. I wanted to
know what people do in the area on the weekends and where they
find employment during the week. I wanted to know if there were
certain foods or traditions that different groups of people in this
city enjoy. I also wanted to know what regard (or lack of regard)
people had for the things of God in that city. I think I may have
worn the missionary out with all my questions.

In this issue of the Reseeding America magazine, we want
to focus on the need for church planting on the United States
metropolitan mission fields. If you are wanting to learn more
about this needy mission field or if this subject has sparked your
interest in church planting or supporting church planters in the
major cities of America, then let me encourage you to become a
student of the cities in metropolitan America.

6 Reseeding America – Spring 2018