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A great starting point would be to ask yourself some
questions concerning the metro mission fields in the United States.

Make a list of questions such as these: What are the one hundred
largest cities in America based on population? What would be the
ethnic ratios in those cities? How many New Testament Baptist
churches are now located in those cities and where are they
located? How much would housing cost in the largest cities in
America? What is the unemployment rate in each of the largest
cities? Answers to those questions and many more can be done
through a simple online search.

You may be a pastor or an assistant pastor and God is giving
you a burden for the many metro cities in the United States that
need to be reached. You may still be in Bible college and are
praying about how God is going to use you in the future. Become
a student of the metro mission fields across the United States. I
think you will find it to be an eye-opening study concerning the
need for church planting in our cities.

Church planters who take the time to study the city and the
people to whom God is calling them will usually have a greater
insight into what their ministry should and could accomplish
under the direction of the Living God and His Holy Spirit. If
you have questions about metro church planting in the United
States or you would like more information about joining BIMI/
Reseeding America, please contact me at

Reseeding America – Spring 2018 7