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The Most Fertile Soil Remains Barren
If The Seed Is Not Sown
By Alan Brooks
Only God could orchestrate the events that
have happened concerning the Papua New
Guinea (PNG) Bible Distribution. I hope you
have been following the updates on our website
( It would take a massive
amount of space to reiterate all that has
transpired. Please check out the newest video
update online or write and request a DVD.

Before I left to return home from PNG in
November, I was contacted by the Honorable
Minister for Higher Education, Mr. Pila
Niningi. I originally met Mr. Niningi when
giving Bibles to the members of Parliament.

He is the cabinet member in charge of all of
the universities and colleges in the country. He
is a true believer and active in an independent
Baptist church in the capital city. He has
asked that we distribute Bibles into all of the
universities and requested that we speak and
distribute in the 12 teacher colleges in the
country. These schools are training the teachers
and administrators for all of the schools in the
country. Only God could open the door such as
this to impact the entire future of this country
• with every student receiving a personal
copy of God’s Word,
• with every teacher and administrator
receiving a copy of God’s Word, and
12 • with every future teacher and administrator
receiving a copy of God’s Word.

I recently received an email from a national
pastor in Papua New Guinea. He stated that
before the Bible Distribution began, he had
never seen this kind of response in his entire
ministry! Every week he has visitors in the
church and people being saved. Veteran BIMI
missionary Jim Stackhouse recently wrote,
“This ministry of giving these kids their very
own copy of God’s Word has been one of the
most rewarding ministries of our 30 years in
Papua New Guinea. It is so hard to describe
the spiritual hunger by these young people
and their delight in receiving God’s Word.

Another aspect of our distribution, which is
so important, was the opportunity to preach
the Gospel to every student body and staff
member. All were very attentive and receptive
to the preaching of God’s Word and expressed
their sincere thanks afterward. It has truly been
a blessing from heaven for us.”
We initially printed and shipped 330,000 KJV
Bibles to the country and these are the Bibles
we are distributing to students. In December
of last year, enough funds had been donated so
that we were able to begin having an additional
275,000 Bibles printed. These will arrive in PNG

in five separate containers by the end of April.

With what we have left over from Phase 1, plus
the new order, we will have the opportunity to
do 35% of Phase 2, the primary schools. Please
pray that God will touch the hearts of people to
partner with us by donating the funds necessary
to finish all of the primary schools.

Churches are growing and souls are being saved
and baptized. The Gospel influence is truly
working on the hearts and lives of government
leaders and the population as a whole. In my
Bible reading, I was encouraged by Acts 28:28
when Paul shared the following: Be it known
therefore unto you, that the salvation of God is
sent unto the Gentiles, and that they will hear it.

I was encouraged by the part that they will hear
it. We have shared it and God promises they will
hear it. Praise the Lord! If you are interested in
a personal update, please contact me at alanb@ W
Thank you for giving and praying for the PNG
Bible Distribution. I will be in PNG from late
January until mid-March to coordinate the
further distribution and the finishing of Phase
1. We will also be distributing in the universities
and colleges countrywide. We definitely
need your prayers concerning our
distribution efforts.

330,000 —
275,000 —
Someone has said, “The most fertile
125,000 —
soil remains barren if the seed is not
sown.” Papua New Guinea is one of
351 —
the most fertile areas in the world
181 —
at this time for the Gospel message.

5 —
Years of labor by missionaries have
22 —
prepared the soil, and I believe God
11 —
has great things for this country.

Bibles in country
Bibles being printed & shipped
Bibles distributed
Secondary schools in PNG
Secondary schools completed
Universities/colleges completed
Provinces in PNG
Provinces completed