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came unto the ears of the church which was in
Jerusalem: and they sent forth Barnabas, that
he should go as far as Antioch (Acts 11:22).

To reach the metro mission fields of America,
we need motivation as well as a massive
mobilization effort to reach our cities. Where
do we start?
First, church planting to reach the metro cities
of America must be emphasized on the local
church level. If we are ever going to send out
the needed number of church planters required
to reach the multitudes on the United States
metro mission field, we must challenge our
men and young men concerning this need and
then expose them to metro church planting.

A great way to do this is to invite one or two
United States metro church planters to your
next missions conference. Allow them to share
their burdens for their cities and the challenges
they face or will be facing. Encourage them to
tell how God provided for their church planting
ministries and their families as they stepped out
and obeyed God to go to the multitudes. Have
them testify of the lives that have been changed
through their church planting ministry as they
preached the Gospel.

Second, challenge your church by printing
a list of the 200 largest cities in America
( and making it a prayer list for your church
members to pray over. Encourage them to ask
the Living God to raise up church planters for
the metro mission fields in the United States.

Make the United States metro mission field a
place to pray for during your mid-week prayer
meetings. After praying for these cities, plan
a United States metro missions trip where
a cross section of your church can see and
experience what ministry is like in a major city
in America. As you go, plan to assist the church
16 planter with literature distribution or perhaps
a small construction project. Schedule the
trip to allow time for your people to be in the
services to meet the people who attend a new
church plant. Perhaps you could help the new
metro church plant by taking your Vacation
Bible School (VBS) on the road and using your
people to conduct a VBS for the new church.

Third, churches will do well to support USA
church planters, especially those who have
answered the call to go to the metro mission
fields of the United States. Supporting a
family who is willing to go to a large city to
start a church will always require a longer
commitment from supporting churches. Be
prepared to make that commitment. Living in a
metro American city is expensive. The high cost
of renting a suitable meeting place to conduct
ministry will be a major expense. I will be glad
to assist your church in implementing any of
the above ideas. I also have several Sundays
available in 2018 where I would be happy to
come to your church and take an entire Sunday
to focus on the metropolitan mission fields in
the United States.

Finally, God may be calling YOU to plant a
church on the United States metro mission
field. If so, contact me at BIMI Reseeding
America Ministry. The Reseeding America
Ministry stands ready to help you, your pastor,
and sending church plant a new church on the
metro mission field in the United States. We
can increase our missionary force worldwide
by increasing our missionary source. Our
missionary source has always been New
Testament Baptist churches. May God give
us thousands of new churches on the United
States metro mission field! W
Bob Larson is the USA Director and heads up the
Reseeding America Ministry of BIMI.