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By Chris Phillips
Chris and Dawn Phillips and family
We thank the Lord for what He is
doing in the lives of the families
who have received Christ at Iglesia
Bautista Victoria (Victory Baptist
Church) in Charleston, South
Carolina. We recently concluded
a unique opportunity that was
presented to our church two years ago. The director of a local counseling center approached
us about piloting a biblical counseling training course in Spanish. The training includes
four courses, 20 lessons each, and covers topics such as Foundations of Biblical Counseling,
Dealing with Depression, Parent/Child Relationships, Eating Disorders, Christian Growth,
and The Sufficiency of the Scriptures in Counseling. It is designed to train leaders in local
churches to be able to be effective biblical counselors and resolve issues in their own lives, in
their families, and in the body of Christ.

Normally, a training course like this costs around $500 per person, but our church has been
allowed to take it at no charge. In return, we are revising the course notes, translating articles
and worksheets, and organizing the course layout so it can be used for other Spanish-
speaking churches both stateside and around the world. In reality, this type of counseling
course is intense discipleship on the heart level that deals with common hindrances to
spiritual growth. We have already seen the life-changing effects in some of our members.

Twenty of our church members and leaders completed the course in November 2017. There
is no doubt that God has a plan for our being allowed this amazing opportunity. Please pray
that God will raise up godly, biblical counselors from our church and that He will give us
the vision as to how He wants us to use this material to impact our community and beyond. W

Ken Love
Missionary went Home to be with the Lord on Friday morning,
December 15, 2017. Ken and June Love were in a church planting ministry before they
joined BIMI in 1981, having already started 12 churches in different parts of the United
States. Dr. Love spent his life establishing and reviving independent Baptist churches in
the United States, Canada, and the Cayman Islands.

Carol Brown
went Home to be with the Lord on Tuesday, October
Missionary 31, 2017. Brother Brown said that he was singing hymns to his wife as she moved to her
heavenly home. In July 1979 Mel and Carol Brown joined BIMI as missionaries to the
Philippines. Mel and Carol planted their first church in September 1980 and two years
later the Bible institute ministry was started. From that small beginning their graduates
have planted over 90 churches and over 60 Bible institutes. Many of the graduates are
now planting churches in countries around the world. Mel and Carol Brown recently joined the ARM
Personnel ministry, and Brother Brown continues to be active serving the Lord.

Lewis Guthrie
Retired BIMI missionary
went Home to be with the Lord on
Tuesday, November 7, 2017. Lewis and Shirley Guthrie joined BIMI in 1979 and arrived
in Papua New Guinea in 1982. Brother Guthrie taught at the Lae Baptist Bible College for
more than 20 years. He organized Victory Baptist Church the first year they arrived on the
field. Brother Lewis helped other missionaries in the formation of Markham Valley Baptist
Church, Gabenses Baptist Church, and Mercy Baptist Church.

Paul Marsh
Retired BIMI missionary
went Home to be with his Savior on
February 13, 2018. Paul and his wife, Wilma, were accepted as missionaries with BIMI
in 1965. (Wilma went Home to be with the Lord in 2015.) They served as missionaries in
Mexico and in Guatemala. Paul and his son, Joel, worked together in establishing churches
and a Bible institute. Many of their graduates are now serving as pastors and missionaries.

After returning to the United States they continued their work with the Hispanic people.

Willie Rowan
Retired Missionary
went Home to be with the Lord on Saturday,
February 17, 2018. Willie and Shirley Rowan joined BIMI in 1997. They were very involved
in reaching the Deaf for Christ. The Rowans assisted in Harvest Deaf Bible College,
established by Reggie and Kim Rempel. In 2014 Willie and Shirley assisted Pastor Ken Love
in establishing a Deaf ministry in Albertville, Alabama.

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