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As we began 2018, I shared our new theme
with the BIMI family. Since this is the first
edition of the BIMI World for this year,
I wanted to share some thoughts with
you about our theme: Deepening Roots,
Increasing Fruits. While meditating on the
two coordinating parts of our theme, I was
reminded of truths such as “no roots, no
fruits” and “the deeper the root, the sweeter
the fruit.” There are a multitude of things
that could be discussed concerning roots
and fruits. However, I would like to focus
on the four words that make up our 2018
theme and mention just
one or two thoughts
about each word.

First, the word deep-
ening is important
because it reminds us
of the need for stabil-
ity. Without roots, a
tree will not stand—
especially when strong
winds blow. Trees must
often endure many dif-
David H. Snyder
President/General Director ferent types of extremes.

In any season or climate, a tree is only as
strong as its roots are deep. A tree that does
not have a good root system may appear
strong, but the next adverse season or
Number 1, 2018
major storm will reveal its actual strength.

Additionally, no matter how deep a tree’s
roots may be, deeper roots are always desir-
able. Spiritually, we need to be constantly
deepening our roots in the Lord Jesus
Christ. He is the One in Whom we find
our stability (cf. Ephesians 4:13–16). If we
are going to faithfully carry out the Great
Commission—even during unfavorable
seasons—we must do so in the power of the
One Who gave the Commission.

Second, the word roots reminds us that
although not seen, roots are critical to a
tree’s survival. This truth emphasizes the
need to focus on the inner man—although
it cannot be seen. Every living tree has a
never-ending need for sustenance, which
comes through the roots. This is also true
for every believer. There is a never-ending
need for spiritual sustenance. We regularly
need to take time to deepen our relationship
with Christ. It is imperative that we spend
time in God’s Word for the express purpose
of strengthening our inner man. If we
are not careful, we can look strong on
the outside (above ground) but lack true
strength inwardly (below ground). Missions
involves things like hard work, sacrifice,
sweat, tears, dedication, and endurance.

These things necessitate more than just

INC., was founded in 1960 as an independent
Baptist faith mission. BIMI is a fundamental
mission agency, true to the Word of God in
doctrine and method. The purpose of BIMI is to
assist fundamental Baptist churches in fulfilling
our Lord’s command to evangelize the world with
the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our objectives are to
establish indigenous Baptist churches and train
national pastors and leaders. There are over 900
missionaries with BIMI working in 100 fields of
the world.

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strength. There is a
never–ending need
for inner strength
that must come
from the Lord.

Now he that ministereth seed
to the sower both minister bread
for your food, and multiply your
seed sown, and increase the
fruits of your righteousness.

2 Corinthians 9:10 (emphasis added)
Third, the word increasing not only reminds us of
continuing growth but also of expanding productivity. No
Christian should be content with just bearing some fruit.

Jesus encourages us to not only bring forth more fruit
(John 15:2) but also bring forth much fruit (John15:5 &
8). A tree or plant normally produces more than just one
piece of fruit with just one seed. Usually, fruit is borne that
contains the seeds of many additional trees or plants that
will potentially produce much more fruit. One of the main
goals of missions is to see much fruit that remains. We
should never be content with the fruits of righteousness
being produced in our lives or the fruits of soul winning
being produced through our witnessing. Fruit is good;
more fruit is great; and much fruit is exceptional.

Finally, the word fruits helps us remember we are
discussing something that cannot be manufactured but
must grow naturally. A factory can assemble or make
a particular product and become very efficient in the
manufacturing process. This process can sometimes be
rushed and/or streamlined by using different methods or
machines. However, a lifeless machine in a factory cannot
produce fruit. It can only come from a healthy plant or
tree that is well rooted. All fruit grows out of something
that has life. As we strive to see fruit produced in our
lives, we must remember that we cannot manufacture
fruit through human methods or machines. Spiritual
fruit can only grow out of a life that is rooted, grounded,
and abiding in Christ.

Jesus said, “Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear
much fruit” (John 15:8a). As we carry out the Great
Commission during the rest of 2018, let us commit to
deepening our roots and increasing our fruits. As we
do, our Heavenly Father will be glorified through the
salvation of souls around the world. W
That Christ may dwell in your hearts
by faith; that ye, being rooted and
grounded in love, May be able to
comprehend with all saints what is the
breadth, and length, and depth, and
height; And to know the love of Christ,
which passeth knowledge, that ye might
be filled with all the fulness of God.

Ephesians 3:17–19 (emphasis added)
Number 1, 2018