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by David Harris
A recent prayer letter from missionary Rick Martin stirred my heart about ways to reach people.

Rick and Becky Martin have served for over 40 years in the Philippines and have been used of God
to direct the people of Iloilo Baptist Church (IBC) to reach others in many ways. My prayer is that
their experience will challenge all of us to find new ways to reach people with the Gospel.

Brother Martin told a story of an 11-year-old boy who hanged himself because he was bullied in a
school in their area. He wondered what that boy’s parents and family were going through. Members
of the Iloilo Baptist Church responded through
one of their ministries called the Tragedy
Ministry by taking financial aid for the funeral
and expressing their love and desire to help.

The following week three family members, the
mother, sister, and nephew, attended their mid-
week service and trusted Christ as their Savior.

A police officer was honored as part of the
Police Appreciation Day. This officer started
visiting their church and a staff member led
him to Christ. He was baptized and started
attending events such as a basketball league for
police officers and firefighters. The day after he
had taken pictures of the event, he became sick
due to rabies contracted 16 years earlier but
never treated. Two days later he passed away.

Now they are praying for the salvation of his
wife who gave birth to their second child.

Rick and Becky Martin
Iloilo Baptist Church has 31 innovative
outreach ministries to reach people. It is exciting to see this church family in action as they do all
they can to reach people with the Gospel. It is also exciting to see the church family sending out
workers to start more than 100 new churches each year. Seven days a week the young people of IBC
participate in ministering to others, preparing them to go do the same when their training at IBC
is completed. The church family is involved in the following ministries:
Number 1, 2018