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Extension Ministries
Six hundred Saturday
morning Bible classes
consist of a song
service, a Bible lesson,
an invitation, and a
prayer time.

School Ministries
Bible lessons are
taught in public
schools. Bring Them In
Ministries Workers go into
nearby areas and
bring children to
church who live close
enough to walk.

Home Bible Studies
People who
are unsaved but
interested in learning
the Bible open up
their homes for a
weekly Bible Study.

After a few weeks the
Bible Studies turn
from an emphasis
on soul winning
to an emphasis on
discipleship. Services in Homes
Services are held
on Tuesday nights
in the homes of
unsaved people.

They are not
actually “church”
services but we call
them that as they
give the older male
students at IBC
opportunities to
conduct a service
and preach each
week. Jeepney Ministries
for Children
Children are won
to the Lord and
brought to the
church in jeepneys.

Orchestra Ministries
The IBC orchestra
provides a music
program in the
public school.

Deaf Ministries
Workers win and
disciple the deaf.

Blind Ministries
Workers help, win,
and disciple blind
persons. 7