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Bless Ministries
Workers teach out-
of-school children
how to read and
win them and their
families to Christ.

Slow Learners
Ministries Workers reach out
to the educable slow.

Prison/Jail Ministries
Workers win those
in prison or jail.

Aged Ministries
Workers win the
aged and provide
activities for them.

Film Ministries
The evangelistic film
The Burning Hell
and other films are
shown in villages
and parts of the
city for evangelistic
meetings. Hospital
Ministries Workers go into
hospitals and win
people to Christ
in a tactful but
effective way.

Street Kids Ministries
Workers reach out to
the street children.

Lepers Ministries
Workers help, reach,
and disciple lepers.

Sports League
Ministries Jeepney Ministries
Workers teach and
disciple persons
and provide
transportation to
church. 8
Basketball and volleyball
leagues are organized for
children, young people,
and adults. Over 500
men participated this
past league year.

Tragedy Ministry
Workers help
people who are
going through a
tragedy and win
them to Christ.

Widows Ministries
Workers win and
help widows and
get them involved
in the Lord’s work.

Philippine National
Police Ministries
Workers help the police
in community service
programs and also
minister to the officers
in various ways.

Medical Ministries
Workers go to area
churches on a monthly
basis and share the
Gospel with residents
of that area and have
medical clinics for them.

Radio Ministries
Broadcasters reach the lost and
encourage believers
24 hours a day via
“The Anchor” radio
station. Music Lessons on
Saturday Ministries
Help the Needy
Ministries Workers help the
neediest in Iloilo
City the week before
Christmas. Volunteers reach
children and young
people and help them
to learn musical
instruments at a Saturday
morning workshop.

Christmas and Easter
Musical Ministries
The orchestra, choir,
and drama team have
three presentations at
Christmas and Easter
to bring people to the
Lord Jesus.

Bible Studies in
Offices Ministries
Workers provide
Bible studies
for employees
of businesses or
agencies. Bless our Cops
Ministries Volunteers win
and disciple young
police officers.

Government Organizations
Ministries Workers serve
members of
government organizations with
monthly family
development sessions,
win them to Christ,
and get them to
church. Reformers
Unanimous Ministries
Workers win and
disciple those with
addictions. We thank the Lord for all our BIMI families who do all they can to reach people through the
churches they start on the fields of the world! Some work in difficult places. Some we cannot talk
about publicly. Some may not see the fruit of other ministries, but all are very special in the work
they are doing and every soul is precious in the Lord’s sight. We are thankful for every family that
is finding ways into the lives of people who need to be saved. What a blessing it is to be a part of a
mission that is busy about the Father’s business and making a difference for eternity! W