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Volume 18, Issue 2
Fall 2018
Visiting the Military Ministries in Japan
— The Oldest and the Newest —
By Joyce Alverson
The kingdom of heaven is like unto a man…which bringeth forth out of his treasure things NEW and OLD
(Matthew 13:52, emphasis added).

This passage of Scripture speaks about the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. As I read this Scripture, the Lord
spoke to me about our time spent recently in Okinawa, Japan, at our biennial Pacific Field Conference with our
military missionaries. We consider the military ministry a treasure from the Lord, reaching our military for
Christ. While there, we were able to visit our oldest and newest military ministries.

We had amazing happenings there in Japan on our visit. Some of the highlights of the trip are as follows:
• One hundred percent of our
missionaries were present at
our Pacific Military Missionary
Conference. We were able to
fellowship with each of our
military missionary families and
we heard good reports about their
ministries. Dr. Jeff Alverson, Director/Editor
Rev. Steve Nutt, Assistant Editor
Dr. James Kennard,
Military International Representative
• It was great to be able to be at
the oldest and newest military
ministries. The oldest, Maranatha
Baptist Church, celebrated its
50th church anniversary on
Sunday, September 2. They
had several saved, six baptized,
and two families joined on this
special Sunday. The missionary
pastor is Brother Ed Navato. At
the conclusion of the evening
service, Dr. Jeff Alverson, BIMI Military Director, presented the church with a plaque of appreciation from the
Military Ministry for 50 years of faithful service
to military personnel and their families stationed
on Okinawa.

In conjunction with the field conference,
we were privileged to visit North Shore Baptist
Church, the newest church on the north side of
Okinawa. The missionary pastor is Brother Stuart
Jellison. They celebrated their one-year church
anniversary on September 2. Their ministry is
located right across the street from Camp Hansen
Marine Base. It was such a blessing to be able to
see both of these ministries and rejoice with them
over their special anniversaries.