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missions that I saw there. As we took on more missionaries,
God blessed us even more. God even allowed us to send
a special offering each Christmas to the children of the
missionaries. Maranatha was a place of prayer. Prayer certainly makes a
difference. We could tell that many people around the world
upheld MBC in prayer. Mid-week prayer meetings, Saturday
night prayer times, and prayer breakfasts were used to lead
His people to the throne of grace. Special round-the-clock
prayer meetings resulted in the outpouring of God’s blessing
on revival services. The altars at MBC were filled for most
services as God dealt in the hearts and lives of both sinners
and His sheep.

Was Maranatha perfect? By no means. Remember, I was a member there for many years. However, God allowed
thousands of imperfect yet willing people to be used in this great ministry. One might say, “MBC is no different from
my church or many other churches.” In many ways, you are correct; yet, Maranatha is very unique. You just had to be
there to experience it. I guess that is why many in the military sought extended or return duty to Okinawa. Maranatha
was special to them.

As I wrote this article, I realized that I had written everything in the past tense. That is because the Lord led my wife,
Judy, and me back to the States in 2015 after 24 wonderful years on Okinawa. However, not all of the great days of
Maranatha Baptist Church are in the past. MBC is still a home away from home, a place to love and care for one
another, a place to experience special friendships and fellowship, a place to serve, a place to learn and grow, a place to
reach others, a place to give, and a place of prayer. By God’s grace, Maranatha Baptist Church will continue as a shining
example of His love and faithfulness.