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Friends Dear Dr. Ray:
Your “Old Paths” Nations
Magazine edition was such a
special blessing to both of us.

We just had to say thank you
for the encouragement! We
appreciate your ministry and
your faithfulness to the work
God has given you!
Pastor Harkless & Peggy
O’Bryant Kettering, Ohio
Hello Dr. Ray,
I have given to Baptist In-
ternational Missions, Inc., for
four years perhaps five. I get
the BIMI World publication.

Recently, I received the
Nations Magazine. WOW!
to read the article “When
Henry Grady Went Home!”
What a person like him giving
a speech as he did then! ALL
OF AMERICA needs to read
this article; I say it again. God
certainly had the right man at
the right place.

Mary Pearson (Brady)
Lacey, Washington
Dear Sir or Madam:
Thank you for the Nations
Magazine. We were especially
impressed with the ministry of
James and Mary Ray. May we
ask that you forward our gift
to them? May God continue to
bless your work.

Holly and Al Mjaanes
Bridgeville, Delaware
Hello! We received your Nations
Magazine a couple of weeks
ago. It was such a blessing!
The Lord has allowed us to
review a number of “old
paths” this past year, and this
just deepened that review.

Love how both you and
Mary write.

Mike and Becky Myers
Columbus, Indiana
Dr. Ray,
I received your news maga-
zine and it was such a bless-
ing. It really took me down
memory lane. I well remem-
ber Taylor’s Mill Road. I hope
you don’t mind, I used your
testimony in Sunday school
yesterday. I teach senior adult
ladies and our lesson was on
Acts 22—Paul’s testimony.

It was a good opportunity to
share how God deals with
everybody differently. Paul
had a bright light and an
audible voice. God spoke to
you on a dark night with a
still small voice. I pray for
you every day. Thank you for
the Nations Magazine. I look
forward to it.

Carolyn Sharpe
Jacksonville, Florida
Dr. and Mrs. Ray,
I can’t thank you enough
for the time and effort you put
into the Nations Magazine as
it truly is my favorite maga-
zine. It is put together with
such excellence!
Dr. Ray, as I read your
testimony of God’s calling
in your life in Byron, Geor-
gia, it blessed my heart SO
DEEPLY, encouraging me not
to stray from the old paths
because it truly does provide
such rest for our souls (Jer.

6:16). You both hold a special
place in my heart and I’m so
thankful for your ministry
and steadfastness to give the
Gospel to a lost world. One
day heaven will reveal the
fruit of your ministry here on
earth. (Prov. 11:30)
I am praying for the Lord
to continue to use you both for
His glory. He is so worthy!
Terri Hamm,
Victory Baptist
Macon, Georgia
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requested that he might be allowed to
remain in charge of the Keppel Island
base. In the following year, he perfect-
ed the language.

By 1879, he had completed a dic-
tionary containing over 30,000 words.

Bridges was the first Anglican mission-
ary to succeed in setting up a mission
in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, now
known as Ushuaia.

A mission leader on one occasion
reported on the baptism of 36 Fuegians,
adults and children, and the marriage of
seven couples; the baptized then began
“spontaneously organizing evening
worship and meeting in each other’s
houses for prayer and praise.” 5
ater Darwin met in person some
of the redeemed natives. Although
there is no record, he could only con-
clude that it was not evolution that
made the change to those he had de-
scribed as the very lowest of the human
race—but the Gospel.

Darwin was not entirely without
Christian influence. He had observed
and admired the work of the mission-
aries during his voyage of the Beagle,
even though it was his opinion that
nothing could change such uncivilized
people. L
Missionary Society (SAMS). SAMS
annual reports used to include names
of donors and subscribers, and tucked
away in the long list for 1867 is that
of “Darwin, Charles, Esq., per Admiral
Sullivan £5.” 6
Charles Darwin died in
County Kent, United
Kingdom, of congestive heart
failure on April 19, 1882.

of the human race.

I had always replied that I did not
believe any human beings existed too
low to comprehend the simple message
of the Gospel of Christ.”
In1870 Darwin wrote to Sullivan
the following: “The success of the
Tierra del Fuego Mission is most won-
derful, and charms [or shames] me,
as I had always prophesied utter fail-
ure. It is a grand success. I shall feel
proud if your Committee think fit to
elect me an honorary member of your
society.” He later added this commentary:
“I certainly could not have predicted
Westminster Abbey, London
During the last 15
years of his life,
Charles Darwin became a
supporter and donor
to the South American
Missionary Society (SAMS).

Rear Admiral Sir James Sullivan
had sailed with him as second lieuten-
ant on the famous voyage of the Beagle.

The two became close friends, a friend-
ship that lasted a lifetime. Sullivan
also worked with the South American
Mission Society (SAMS). Sullivan kept
Darwin fully updated on the progress
with the work. Thomas Bridges, the
pioneer missionary to the region, was
also a correspondent of Darwin.

uring the last 15 years of his life,
Charles Darwin became a sup-
porter and donor to the South American
D His support continued until he died
in April 1882.

Sullivan later recalled, “Mr. Darwin
had often expressed to me his convic-
tion that it was utterly useless to send
missionaries to such a set of savages as
the Fuegians, probably the very lowest
5 John W. Howe and Samuel C. Pascoe, Our Anglican Heritage, 2nd ed. (Eugene: Cascade Books, 2010), 120.

An imprim of Wipf and Stock Publishers
6 Home/Our Stories/Charles Darwin: “I was wrong” Church Mission Society 2016—Registered Charity Number 1131655
(England and Wales) and SC047163 (Scotland)
that not all the missionaries in the world
could have done what has been done.”
(Life and Letters of Charles Darwin,
London: Church Times, 1887). This
article first appeared in Share, the mag-
azine of the South American Mission
Society. NATIONS • 9