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From a
Busy Street Corner
to a
Small Village
By Ron Goodman
Last year in September, I went with a friend
to downtown Morelia to pass out tracts. On a
busy corner I gave a man a tract and began to
talk to him. He was just standing there waiting
for a friend. I invited him to walk with me to
the plaza (courtyard) a couple of blocks away
so we could talk better. When we got there, we
sat down on a bench and I was able to lead him
to Christ.

Antonio is a 75-year-old indigenous man from
the small village of Nurio, about two and a half
hours from Morelia. He was in Morelia to get
some tests done on his heart. I found out he
had been here for a couple of days and had
18 spent more money than he had planned. He
had run out of money and did not have enough
to buy his bus ticket home. He had no family in
Morelia and was on that corner hoping to cross
paths with a friend who had come to Morelia
that day. I asked how much he was short. He
said, “200 pesos.” I had that exact amount in
my pocket. I knew he was telling the truth,
and the Lord wanted me to give it to him, so I
pulled it out and put it in his hand. He was very
grateful. I told him we had an extra room if he
needed it the next time he was in town. I did
not know if he would take me up on the offer
or if I would even see him again.