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From a
Busy Street Corner
to a
Small Village
By Ron Goodman
Last year in September, I went with a friend
to downtown Morelia to pass out tracts. On a
busy corner I gave a man a tract and began to
talk to him. He was just standing there waiting
for a friend. I invited him to walk with me to
the plaza (courtyard) a couple of blocks away
so we could talk better. When we got there, we
sat down on a bench and I was able to lead him
to Christ.

Antonio is a 75-year-old indigenous man from
the small village of Nurio, about two and a half
hours from Morelia. He was in Morelia to get
some tests done on his heart. I found out he
had been here for a couple of days and had
18 spent more money than he had planned. He
had run out of money and did not have enough
to buy his bus ticket home. He had no family in
Morelia and was on that corner hoping to cross
paths with a friend who had come to Morelia
that day. I asked how much he was short. He
said, “200 pesos.” I had that exact amount in
my pocket. I knew he was telling the truth,
and the Lord wanted me to give it to him, so I
pulled it out and put it in his hand. He was very
grateful. I told him we had an extra room if he
needed it the next time he was in town. I did
not know if he would take me up on the offer
or if I would even see him again.

Ron & Jeanette
Goodman and
family In November, I ran into him by chance (divine
appointment) in another city about halfway
between Nurio and Morelia. Imagine our
surprise when we met on the street in a city
of over 300,000. He has now come to Morelia
and stayed with us on three occasions, and
each time I have been able to open my Bible
and teach him. Once he came on a Saturday
night just to visit our church on Sunday. Tonio
invited us to his village to tell his family the
same thing we showed him from the Bible—
the Gospel! What started on a busy street
corner in downtown Morelia was now taking
us to a small indigenous village in western
Michoacán. is still there. Teresa came back to Mexico a few
years ago when her mother died. She told us
that while in Missouri she had visited a Baptist
church with her husband. She had heard the
Gospel but did not accept it at that time. She
went on to tell us her husband continues to
attend that church in Missouri and has been
saved! I was later able to call her husband,
Jaime, and get to know him by phone. I told
him his wife and family had accepted Christ.

His exact words were “Gloria a Dios!” (Glory
to God!). He told me of his salvation as well. I
was amazed at how the Lord was working on
all sides. I am so happy to have a part in it! I do
not think God is done with this situation yet.

The rest of the story…
Back to Nurio!
Tonio’s village is one of several Purépecha
villages within just a few kilometers of each
other. The Purépecha are the indigenous people
who in pre-hispanic times dominated our state
and much of the region around our state. Today
their total population is around 140,000.

Going to Nurio is in some ways a step back
in time. In this village, almost all the women
wear the traditional form of dress that consists
of skirts hand embroidered with designs of
beads. When we arrived, we were treated to a
delicious meal of chicken stew and homemade
tortillas cooked over an open fire. After the
meal, I had the privilege to open my Bible
with the family and share the Gospel. Tonio´s
daughter, Teresa, as well as her son, daughter,
and daughter-in-law trusted Christ as their
Savior! However, it gets better! As we were
talking to Teresa, we found out she had lived
in Missouri for a few years, and her husband
In April 2018, we had the opportunity to
return to Nurio. We had to get permission
from the tribal authority to have a public event.

In the morning we had activities for the kids
in the plaza and preached to them. We had
about 30 kids come and 12 trusted the Lord as
their Savior! An older man watched our whole
program and afterward wanted to talk to me. It
turns out he is a very respected retired teacher
in the community. We pray we can lead him to
Christ on our next visit. After lunch, we had
a Bible study at the house of Tonio’s daughter.

Tonio invited three people who were not there
the first time. Two trusted Christ as Savior.

One was Tonio’s other daughter! We are now
scheduled to go once a month to work with
the people of this village. While there, Tonio
told me he had a gift for me. With a smile, he
handed me a New Testament translated in the
Purépecha language. Keep praying for Nurio! W
Number 2, 2018