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I am thankful God is still calling Christians
into full-time missionary service. Even
more so, I am glad for those who are
surrendering to God’s call (see our newest
missionaries on pages 11–13). What does
it take to be that kind of Christian? In
this editorial, I would like to discuss some
essential characteristics of those who both
hear and respond to the call of God.

First, potential missionaries must have a
Listening Ear. Sadly, I believe God is
calling many people to be missionaries but
they do not even hear His call. The world,
the flesh, and the devil are doing everything
possible to distract
believers from listening
to God. One very
effective distraction
today is technology.

Technology can be a
wonderful servant but
it is a terrible master.

Many believers are too
busy communicating on
social media that they
are not communicating
with God. They connect
David H. Snyder
with friends on line
President/General Director
but disconnect from God
in heaven. They readily receive messages
from social media friends but have
difficulty receiving messages from their
Number 2, 2018
Lord and Savior. In order to hear God’s call,
we must silence our electronic devices and
spend our time in God’s Word and at God’s
throne. Second, the only way Christians are going
to surrender to missions is if they have an
Obedient Heart. Hearing God’s call
is just the first step. We must be doers…
and not hearers only (James 1:22). Sadly, I
have spoken with some who have told me
God called them to be missionaries but
they never obeyed His call. Each time I
hear those type testimonies, they are filled
with remorse and regret. Conversely, I have
never spoken with anyone who regretted
doing God’s will. Obedience brings blessing
(James 1:25b). God always wants what is
best for us. We must constantly maintain
an obedient heart so that we immediately
and continually respond to the voice of our
Lord and Master.

Third, a Verifiable Faith is another
major prerequisite to missionary service.

Faith without works is dead (James
2:26). Potential missionaries are not
mysteriously transformed into soul-
winning missionaries the moment they
arrive on the field. Long before they depart
for the field, their works must prove their
faith. Scripture shows that God calls
those who are already busy (e.g., Gideon