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of the difficulty to access them. Waspam
is “the end of the road” in northern
Nicaragua, but the villages continue up
and down the river. The Miskito People
are known for their dugout canoes and
larger dugout batus that can carry up to 50
people. They are impressive but very slow.

San Carlos is a village we have traveled
to several times. It is approximately 90
miles upriver. This trip can take well over
15 hours in a batu one way! However, we
have contracted with owners of smaller
aluminum boats to reach San Carlos in
under four hours. This has allowed us
to travel early, spend the day sharing the
Gospel, and arrive back in civilization
by nightfall. With time, we would like to
establish regular preaching points and
follow up in river communities.

We are in the beginning stages of preparing
for the river ministry. Funds were raised
by Missionary Bob Dayton for a boat and
motor. We invested in a good quality 60
horsepower outboard motor and some
Number 2, 2018
ancillary equipment. Finding a boat appropriate for
the river that has many rocks, debris, shallows, and
crocodiles has been more challenging. Ideally, we
would like to import a flat bottom aluminum boat
from the States that can handle 8–10 people. These
boats are not commercially available in Nicaragua.

We trust God to lead and provide for this new stage
of ministry. Our prayer is that He will strengthen
the church in Waspam and call Miskito men to the
ministry. Praise God for what He has already done
and what He will do for His glory! W