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By Corey McTague
“No foreigners
allowed!” has been the motto of Tibet
throughout all history. Prior to
the 1950s, the country of Tibet
was against any Western influence
tainting their culture. Foreign
diplomats were allowed to visit for
only short periods. At the end of
World War II, two British men were granted refugee status as they were fleeing
prisons in warring countries. These two men wrote Seven Years in Tibet and
were some of the few Western foreigners to have ever lived there. After the
Chinese invasion that culminated in the Chinese takeover in 1959, foreigners
were again restricted but this time to eliminate bad press about Chinese
treatment of the deeply religious Buddhist Tibetans.

As a young man, I was called to the Tibetan people. Having absolutely no
knowledge about the political situation or even the geographic location, I
began to seek the Lord about how I would reach these people. He impressed on
my heart to reach them by planting churches in the major refugee settlements
around the world. I felt the Lord lead me first to Nepal, the second largest
refugee settlement. We spent seven years planting Himal Baptist Church
down the road from the second largest Buddhist temple in the world! God was
gracious in this dark land and granted us the ability to see a church planted
in a highly Tibetan area. The Tibetans are deeply steeped in their religion and
loyal to their heritage, a heritage that fights a ferocious battle with the Gospel
message. Through the ministry planted there, we were able to witness to many
Tibetans and that witness continues to shine the light to the Tibetans and all
in their neighborhood as they faithfully share the Gospel.

In 2016 the Lord began leading us to move to the next largest refugee
settlement, Toronto, Canada. Because I have dual citizenship (Canada and
Unites States), God began this plan for my life from the very beginning. We
Number 2, 2018