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left Nepal in October 2016 and settled in Toronto in
April 2017. We knew God would have us reach Tibetans
there, but what we did not expect was the amazing need
surrounding them. Forty-five percent of the people of
Toronto were born in another country and many of the
other 55 percent are descendants of these immigrants!
A large majority have come from Southeast Asia or the
Middle East. All of these areas are very restrictive to the
Gospel. We see not only an opportunity to reach those whose
own countries have blocked their access to the Gospel
message but also an opportunity to reach an area that
is sorely lacking in churches. In the downtown area, we
know of only two independent Baptist churches in a
15-mile radius. This equals close to three million people.

The 30-mile drive across this area would take an hour.

The need is great!
We see the openness in the hearts of those living here.

While none have accepted Christ yet, I have been
questioned sincerely by multiple people about the Bible
and told by many how they have always longed to ask
someone these questions but they had never met a
pastor! While I have been surrendered to this call for
some time, I am now face-to-face with the need and
long to be the one to establish Sparrow Baptist Church
in an area that sorely needs and desires it. W