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HAPPENED … Really?
Carina Wisener ~ CB ‘14b, SM ‘15, CB II ‘15,
CB III ‘16 ~ Preparing for His Leading
Through God’s amazing
grace and mercy, I was
saved when I was ten
years old and baptized
a few weeks later. I
was first interested in
missions my senior
year of high school. At
a point in my life where
God started stirring
my desire towards
missions, He pointed me towards CAMP BIMI.

The Sprungers just happened to come to my
church, and I just happened to mention my
interest in missions. But with God, nothing just
happens by chance.

My first week at CB was an eye opener! I never
really knew what missions was until that week.

I went on the 2015 SMART trip. It was my first
mission’s trip, and I was hooked! Since that
time, I have looked for any opportunity I could
find to go on a mission trip. I graduated from a
community college in 2016 and attended CB III
that summer. That week was my turning point.

Bro. Baughman spoke about “What is holding
you back from full-time missions?” The first
night, God pointed out that I was not willing to
leave my family. But because I am stubborn, I
told God “No!” I was not ready to let my family
go. All week I fought against God. That Friday
morning during devotions, Mrs. Green read a
poem written by another missionary wife. The
poem listed every reason why I didn’t want to
give up my family. It concluded with how God
is always there to comfort us in troubles. When
we feel lonely, He is a friend that never leaves
us. If something happens, God is in control of
everything. That day, I finally surrendered my
life (and my family) to God. Through the next
several months, God called me into missions. I
am moving forward to prepare for missions and
completing my degree at a Bible college. I don’t
know where He wants me to go or what He
wants me to do, but I know He will guide my
steps and be with me through it all. It “just
happens” to be His Will for me.

Hannah Coburn ~ CB I ‘06a, CB II ‘07, CB III ‘08, CB III ‘15
~ TX teacher, worker with deaf
It is often the little steps in our lives, the little decisions that we
make without much conscious forethought, that wind up altering our
lives or the lives of those around us. It’s the little pieces of our lives
that seem so rough-edged and whimsical at the moment, that, when
looking back, we realize they were actually puzzle pieces God was
arranging to form a beautiful picture.

Take, for example, Mrs. Coleen Furrs. She had a burden to reach the
Deaf, so she taught a sign language class. A young woman took her
class named Ruth Lunbery. Some twenty years later, Mrs. Lunbery was
sitting in church one Sunday morning when an usher tapped her on
the shoulder and said, “You know sign language, right? A deaf family just walked in the
door, and they need an interpreter.” The task of interpreting, solo, all the church services
every week seemed daunting, so, Mrs. Lunbery taught a sign language class as a means of
recruiting assistance. An eleven year old girl sat in on a couple of those classes. The new
playground outside fought to distract her attention, but in the end, sign language won out.

That eleven year old girl was me, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

As a child, I surrendered to God’s Call as a missionary. High school mission trips to Mexico
opened my eyes to the realities on the field, but it wasn’t until I arrived at CAMP BIMI
in 2006 that I began to gain some direction. I had always heard missionaries speak of
their burden for one specific country or people group. I had an idea of what they meant,
but no real clue as to what a burden was or when I’d know if I had one. CAMP BIMI
described a burden as a passion to reach a certain people group with the Gospel. I
began analyzing. Was there a people group I felt passionate about reaching? The answer
was yes, to Deaf people.

I didn’t know where or how God could use me, and for several years, He let me
wait. Then, during 2009 and 2010, God began to create and shape a dream of reaching
and training deaf young people so that we might raise up a generation of deaf pastors,
missionaries and lay people. God allowed me to take a couple of short-term mission trips
to the Deaf Olympics and Deaf Nation Expo events. However, God has not opened the
door for me to get involved in deaf missions in a full-time manner. I continue to work in
the deaf ministry in my local church (something I’ve been doing for over two decades), and
I also teach in my church’s Christian school.

I don’t know what God’s next move will be; no one ever does. I know that each step I have
taken has not been my own, but God’s Leading in my life. It wasn’t my plan to learn sign
language as an eleven year old so that I could reach Deaf people with the Gospel. It wasn’t
Mrs. Lunbery’s plan to start a deaf ministry that Sunday morning when the usher tapped her
on the shoulder. And I’m sure Mrs. Furr had no idea of THE DOMINO EFFECT that would
result from the sign language class she taught. But God was at work. He is always at work. He
seldom works the way we think He will, and it is always in His Time, not ours. God puts the
puzzle pieces of our lives together in a different order than we would tend to. Often He is
putting puzzle pieces in place that we didn’t even know were part of our puzzle.