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My Journey from
Hong Kong
to Where I am Today –
Heaven Bound
Michelle Tao ~ CB ‘10b
~ Faithful Layman in ALBERTA CANADA
I was born in Hong Kong and raised in a Christian home. As
a young child, I heard the typical Bible stories every week.

During one of the services, I raised my
hand for salvation. A lady took me to
a private room and shared the Gospel
with me. At that time, however, I had a
short attention span and only caught her
words of praying to ask God to save me
from Hell. From that day on, I prayed
every day for God to save me, not truly
understanding my sinfulness, need for
a Saviour or what Christ did for me.

At age six, my family and I immigrated
to Canada. Up to this point, we had attended a large church.

My family had the opportunity to immigrate to Trail,
British Columbia, Canada because of my dad’s career. God
significantly used this in my life because the head nurse at
the Trail Regional Hospital, where my dad also worked,
was the pastor’s wife at the only independent fundamental
Baptist church in town. My family and I also rented a duplex
suite from the assistant pastor of the same church! This is
how we got connected to a Bible believing church.

From age six onward, my family and I faithfully attended
Beaver Valley Baptist Church. I thought that I was saved
at this point since I prayed for Salvation every day. I was
even baptized in my youth. Fortunately, my family had Bible
devotions almost every night, and my father taught us solid
Bible doctrines, including asking for Salvation. I remember
that on one of the nights, he asked us how we could know
that we were going to Heaven. My first thought was “to be
a good person,” but my sister knew the answer. She said,
“Believe that Jesus is the Son of God and in His death,
burial and resurrection.” I was surprised. What? What is
the way to Heaven? I prayed once again that night that God
would save me and told Him that I believed in Jesus and that
He died, was buried and rose again.

In my teenage years, I struggled with the assurance of
Salvation. I often did not feel saved. One night, the Holy
Spirit pricked my heart. Why do I need to struggle with my
Salvation? God wants me to know that I have eternal life
(1 John 5:13)! That night, I bent the knees of my heart and
saw my sinful state. I called out to God and pleaded for His
forgiveness. I enjoy serving in the children and music ministries of my
local church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My purpose in
life is to know God and to make Him known to others.

I enjoy my relationship with Him and connect with others
through personal evangelism and local church ministries.

God’s Second Best?
Jessica Guthrie ~ CB ‘06b, CB II ‘07, SM ‘10
~ CNA in GA
If someone would have told me five years ago that I would be doing
what I do today, I would have thought they were completely wrong.

Like most young girls, I had my life planned out and felt my dreams
were perfect. I was going to grow up, marry, have children, and travel
overseas to do missions work in Asia the rest of my life!
I was born into a Christian home with parents who told me about the
Lord from an early age. As a young girl, I prayed to trust Him as my
Savior. Growing up, my two sisters and I were interested in missions
work. We all attended Bible College, and I graduated with a degree
in missions and an international TESOL license. But in college, my
interest in the medical field also grew, and I had a nurse friend that
prayed for me about being a medical missionary someday.

I was excited to attend CAMP BIMI I and II and loved the training
classes, cultural food, preaching, singing, prayer times, and especially
the one-on-one conversations I had with missionaries working all
around the world. When I read about a month long SMART trip to
Uganda, Africa, I prayed and signed up. God provided abundantly
for that trip, and I was able to raise more than enough support. I was
able to teach a Bible lesson to more than sixty African children. Some
had never heard the name of Jesus. God even gave us the opportunity
to witness to a large number of children gathered under a tree! And I
loved the orphans we were able to spend time with during their VBS.

My heart was touched by everything I saw and experienced, and my
life was forever changed. I spoke with one of the missionary wives
who gave me great advice about taking nurse aide classes. One night,
sweating under a canopy of mosquito netting, my heart felt so full, and
I begged God to use me to help people of all ages know about Him
and His Love for them.

After that trip, I returned to Georgia and completed an accelerated
certified nurse assistant program. I assumed I would start working
in a hospital, become an RN, and travel overseas to begin missions
work. But God’s Plans for us are not always our own. I started having
health issues, and instead of going to work in a busy hospital, the door
opened for me to gain some experience at a retirement community. I
began working as a CNA at an assisted living facility, where God has
opened up so many different avenues to ministering to others.

One night, I recall feeling deeply discouraged that I was not serving
overseas. I thought that God had wanted me to be a medical missionary
overseas, and here I was, working in an assisted living home in the
States. But then peace and radiant joy flooded my heart as the Lord
reminded me that I was serving as a medical
missionary right where He had placed me.

I have the opportunity to show compassion
and to impact the residents, their children,
their grandchildren, and even their great-
grandchildren. I speak with hundreds of people
every week, and they are all part of my mission
field. God knew and I know that it’s where my
puzzle piece fits.