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My Three Mrs. Bs
Nikki (Resseguie) De Jong ~ CB I ‘00b, CB II ‘01, CB III
‘03, CB III ‘08, SM ‘10, CB IV ‘18 ~ Full time service FL
God has used three godly mentors from CAMP BIMI, who I
call “My Three Mrs. Bs”, by their words and life examples for
me to follow as they follow Christ. Although as a young girl I
surrendered my life to do whatever the Lord wanted, I have
often struggled with surrendering to the Lord. Here is how
“My Three Mrs. Bs” helped me in this journey.

During CAMP BIMI I, God used my first Mrs. B, Mrs. Donna
Bragg, as I struggled to surrender many areas of godly living
to the obedience of Christ. Mrs. Bragg admonished, “Nikki, you
must know the mind of the Lord for yourself, not because any
human authority has said that you must or must not. Instead,
you must listen to the Holy Spirit. He will be your teacher, and
He will lead you into all truth (John 16:13). The Spirit’s leading
will never contradict His Word.” God used Mrs.

Bragg’s words and her life example to help me
surrender to a life dedicated to listening and
obeying the Holy Spirit’s teaching and leading in
my life.

At CAMP BIMI III in 2003, God began asking
for surrender in a way that I never imagined He
would ask. I was surrendered to go to the foreign
mission field, but I wasn’t surrendered to stay
home. God used my second Mrs. B, Mrs. Diane
Baughman, to teach me to control my fear of man
and instead to fear a life unsurrendered to God’s
very best. Mrs. B said, “Nikki, you need to go back
to the first surrender you made as a young girl,
‘Lord, I’ll do whatever you want!’ And be willing
to still do whatever He wants.” God used Mrs.

Baughman’s words and her life example to help me surrender to
God’s best for my life and not settle for anything less.

At the CAMP BIMI Reunion in 2008, I was now a young wife
struggling with an area of surrender, and God used my third
Mrs. B, Mrs. Sandy Bailes, to help teach me to surrender that
area to the Lord. She told me, “Nikki, surrendering this is not
some heavy burden for you to bear. When you surrender to the
Lord, you will find that He will give you rest because His yoke
is easy and His burden is light” (Matthew 11:28-30). God used
Mrs. Bailes’ words and her life example to help me surrender to
the Lord by casting my cares on Him.

Through all these stages of life, God has used “My Three Mrs.

Bs” to lead me back to my first surrender. Each time I say,
“Yes, Lord, I will still do whatever you want.” it is one more
step in my continuing journey of surrender. Yes, Lord, I’ll pray,
give, go, serve, do, and be whoever and whatever you want me
to do and be! In 2010, Grant and I went on the SMART trip to
Uganda. We were willing, but God did not open the door for
foreign missions. We now serve at a Christian college in Florida
and are blessed with two daughters, Abigail and Katherine.

I am so thankful the Lord put “My Three Mrs. Bs” in my life
to give words of encouragement, comfort, admonition, and
guidance. I am so thankful for their godly example. I thank the
Lord for “My Three Mrs. Bs!”
Entomology Impacting
Lives for Christ
Around the Globe
Grant De Jong – CB I ‘01, SM ’10, CB II ‘18
Christian College Teacher
Despite a burden for missions, I am not a career missionary. I
have never even felt the call to be a career missionary. I’m an
entomologist: I study insects. So, how does this career reconcile
with my burden for missions? This was a question that I’ve had
often. CAMP BIMI I provided a framework in which I could
answer this question, SMART ‘10 provided an example, and
lastly, God put me in a position where it can be fulfilled.

In CAMP BIMI ‘01, I learned the wealth of opportunities for people to
be involved in missions even without being career missionaries. I met
CAMP BIMI faculty who were or are career missionaries, and other
students who were heading down the same path, but
I also met pastors, school administrators, and laymen
who were interested in missions. I got a glimpse of the
broad array of activities that missionaries are involved
in, from preaching and discipleship to medicine,
education, and just daily life.

My wife and I went on the SMART 2010 trip to
Uganda, and God gave me unexpected opportunities
to use my expertise in entomology. I took orphan
children on a nature walk to see the wonders of God’s
creation in their own backyard and showed them
how various parts of the ubiquitous dung beetles are
tailored by God especially for their environment. In
the school, I presented the ‘scientific method’ using
cockroach races, and we disproved our hypothesis
that the largest roach would be fastest. I found that
letting children collect bugs will endear you to their hearts, and
them to you. Further, while these were educational and relational
opportunities to work with the orphans, I also got to highlight the
Bible’s entomological illustrations in Proverbs 30 in Chapel.

Now, God has placed me in a position where I can have an even
broader global outreach. As a biology instructor at a Christian
college, I have had students from all over the world studying
general biology, entomology, zoology, and parasitology. In just the
past two years, over thirty countries have been represented in
my classroom and laboratory by missionary kids and nationals,
and I know that the instruction I give them from a Christian,
creationist worldview will be taken back to their countries and
related to friends and family and beyond.

Praise be to God for allowing me to talk about Him. I’ve actually
had students who asked how they could possibly use their future
career in biology on the mission field, and I have answers from the
SMART trip experiences God gave me. Some students have already
used my instruction in parasitology on short term medical mission
trips where the Gospel was
preached. Although I am
not a career missionary,
God has used my unlikely
career, entomology, to
further His Gospel. Go
figure! CAMP BIMI