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box of past blessings and adventures about when they first went to the field or into ministry. Ask them to
share. It will lighten your fears and bring laughter to your soul. I think it is called transparency.

Well, I’ve been out here on the porch long enough, have lots to do, and I have certainly had enough
experiences to fill more than a few dozen journals or even write a book! Love your children. Praise your
wife. Feed your people good spiritual food, and by all means, DON’T QUIT! Serve the Lord where He
has placed you. It’s where your puzzle piece fits!
Those porch flowers need water every morning and there are people in ‘your place of service’ who need
the Lord, even your neighbors. Keep your porch light on so someone can see that you’re available, often
times just to listen, talk or share. Be there for a world who needs Christ!
Committed to Finding Where You Fit in Missions,
Bro. B
I Corinthians 15:58
My Heros ~ My Examples ~ My Mentors
Yes, that would be so many of YOU! You’ve stuck by the stuff, even when the going got tough. When you did not understand God’s
Leading, and did not know the reason why; when you felt your best was only failure – still to Him in faith you did reply: “I will trust
when I cannot see, when I’m faced with adversity; for I know Your Will is always best for me. I will trust when I cannot see!”
You’ve bloomed where you’re planted.

You’ve followed the light even when there was a bend in the road.

You’ve acted on Holy Spirit Prompting and met so many peoples’ needs.

You’ve prayed for things to happen time and time again.

Reflecting back, look up and sing the old George Beverly Shea song ‘Oh the Wonder of it All.’
BUT even the most reliable vehicle needs its’ tank filled consistently. Behind closed doors, there are those times of drain, doubt, dismay
and discouragement. Your plane circles the airport time and time again in a holding pattern and the weight of your current burden/
situation looms.

You KNOW ALL the verses, ALL the right answers, ALL the right things to say and do … BUT for this time and for this place AND for
this moment, YOU HAVE LITTLE, if any, STRENGTH. YOU need the roadside assistant with a gallon of gas. YOU need that ‘Earth
Angel’ to listen and understand. YOU need that shoulder to cry buckets of tears on. YOU DON’T need or want to hear “You’re strong
and can handle this.” Your plea is “Help me, Lord.” ‘Just As I Am.’
Recently, Bro. B and I had the privilege of being invited to attend the West Africa BIMI Field Conference. What a blessing to be with
several of our missionaries, six of our CB alumni – four serving in that part of the world – and two moving in that direction The ladies
received a journal and a candle with these suggestions for entries. It would work just as well for guys, but also can be adjusted for
everyone, no matter where your puzzle piece has fit.

Section One Entries: Salvation – Call to Missions – Journey There – Your First Time Arrival in your country or new ministry –
Record your Memories of those Mile Marker Moments.