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Section Two Entries: Record ‘Impossibles’ that became ‘Possibles’
Section Three Entries: Record Current Victories — answered prayers,
changed lives
Section Four Entries: Record Burden Entries – Burdens too heavy to bear.

Write them down; leave them with the Lord; Try to not grab them back.

That’s really difficult, isn’t it?
When your plane is dangerously low on fuel, you can 1) Let it crash; 2) Parachute
out; OR 3) Land it just before the fuel is gone. Corrie ten Boom said “There is
no hole so deep that God cannot go deeper.” CLOSE YOUR EYES: REMEMBER
back to that time you stepped through that door on the plane, walked through the
connector with heart pounding, mind racing, tears flowing, feelings of fear, gratitude,
inadequacy and anticipation. With luggage gathered that carried your ‘comfort zone’
things from ‘home’, REMEMBER entering the lobby – however fancy or primitive –
and seeing that sea of faces … those of ‘your mission field’ … hearing that roar of
unrecognizable sounds – the sounds and language you wondered if you’d ever learn!
Humbled and with a contrite spirit, you thanked the Lord for seeing you through the
long journey that began way back when. With determination, you would become a
world changer and strive to make Heaven a little more crowded! Thank you, Lord,
for saving my soul! Thank you, Lord for making me whole. Thank you, Lord, for giving
to ME Thy Great Salvation so rich and free.

With your tank filled, you can pull up your boot straps, walk through that door
(bedroom or outer) with renewed vision to meet the needs of those who have
it far worse and NEED YOU and YOUR SAVIOUR!!! He is my exceeding Joy!
(Mina Oglesby) Look the words up.

Even in the strong winds, let your light so shine, and never let your candle be
put out permanently.

In all of your busyness, DETERMINE to do one thing each day that will count for
Eternity. Each morning, ask the Lord to guide you to that one thing. Evaluate
your priorities at night. Record blessings and answers to prayer (No, you won’t
remember them years from now if not recorded). DETERMINE to influence
the next generation for Christ. DETERMINE to value and glean from those who
have walked in your shoes and who are nearing Heaven. They are one of your
greatest resources and mentors. DETERMINE to pray specifically for your fellow
missionaries (in your part of the world or continent) or co-workers by name. Take one each day. Pray for the very areas in which you struggle.

Theirs may be similar. No one understands better than YOU because YOU, too, walk in those shoes. WHO BETTER TO PRAY?!
Right now, grab your Bible and read I Peter 5:7-11 and Psalm 40:5 slowly and prayerfully.

There is no greater blessing than to know that you love the Lord and serve Him in so many varied ways!
There is no greater joy than to know you ARE world-changers!
From My Heart,
Mrs. B
Philemon v. 4-7a
All 1,027 of you who came to CAMP BIMI from 1993 through 2018 for the first time,
from 13 countries and all over the USA to find where you fit in missions!
YOU read * YOU heard * YOU obeyed * YOU followed
“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15
YOU SERVE in your church * YOU SERVE in church ministries and schools * YOU SERVE on the foreign field
YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE in 49 States and 2 U.S. Territories!
YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE in 8 Canadian Provinces!
YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE in 85 Countries!

Meet the CAMP BIMI Staff
Then Now
In 1993, there was no doubt who I wanted to teach specific topics at CAMP BIMI! Why? They
had experience in those areas and were transparent in sharing. 5 of those 7 faithfully taught for
25 years. Along the way, our CB staff increased! Their passion, dedication and commitment to
give of their time to mentor each individual and couple as they ‘find where their puzzle piece fits’
is obvious to students the moment they walk through that door. Working as a team, spending
time one-on-one in the classroom, at meals and free time to answer all questions has been one
of the keys to see so many leave with confidence that they know what the Lord’s Direction might
be for them. That may or may not be in foreign missions and they know it is OK. We encourage
anyone of any age from 16 through retirement to meet our missionary staff by reading about them
below. They teach from many years of experience on the mission field and having a burden for lost
souls. In July, Dr. Bailes and I passed the CAMP BIMI baton to Dr. Snyder, Bro. Bohman and Dr.

Maldoff. They have taught at CB for several years. We continue to take missions training teams,
be in Christian colleges and missions conferences to encourage people to consider missions and the
part they can have in that.

As you read the articles
written by CB alumni
throughout this issue,
you’ll know why CAMP
BIMI is one of the most
helpful places to get
answers! They did!
Thank you, Bro. Trask!
Dr. John & Sandy Bailes
National Reseeding America Representative Emeritus
Joined BIMI 1977; Missionaries in USA, Church planting ministry;
Served as USA Field Director 1987–June 2013; CAMP BIMI–25 years and 24 years respectively
Combined years in missions, 84; full-time ministry outside missions, 18
Dr. Gerry & Diane Baughman
CAMP BIMI * SMART Founder and Director 1992-2018; ARM
Joined BIMI 1966; Began as missionary to Canada 1966; Diane in 1976
Birthed BIMI Canada 1990 and CLAIM ministry 1992
From 1969–1975 Pastored one church in southern Ohio; Worked on staff of two churches in Ohio and
one church in Chicago; Combined years in missions, 92; full-time ministry outside missions, 13
Jonathan Bergen
Printing Services
Involved with BIMI ministry since 1999; Enrichment Week, 17 years
Grew up on the mission field in Germany; CAMP BIMI, 12 years
Total years in missions, 20
Rev. Roger Blevins
South America Director since 2007; Joined BIMI June 1979
Served as missionary to Spain, June 1981–December 1996;
Hispanic USA Ministry 1997–2006; CAMP BIMI, 3 years
Total years in missions, 40
Rev. Eric & Lori Bohman
Africa Director of BIMI since June 2012
Joined BIMI June 1992
Served as missionaries in Kenya and Tanzania 1992–June 2012
CAMP BIMI, 8 years and 7 years respectively; Combined years in missions, 54