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Dr. Ron & Donna Bragg
Africa International Representative Emeritus; Accepted as Missionaries with BIMI in 1973
Served 16 years in the Moslem country of Senegal
Served as Director from 1991 to June 2012; CAMP BIMI, 16 years;
Combined years in missions, 92
Rev. Tony Bulawa
USA Church Planter since 2005—AZ; Far North Director since 2018
Worked in Prison System, 1988–1998; Preaching/teaching since 1993
Joined BIMI 1998; Served 5 years in French-speaking Québec, Canada
CAMP BIMI, 9 years; Total years in missions, 21; full-time ministry outside missions, 5
Ken Catoe
Printing Services, Editor of BIMI World magazine
Involved with Enrichment Week for many years
CAMP BIMI, 18 years; Served as church deacon, 18 years
Total years in missions, 39 years
Dr. Leslie Frazier
Began serving as a missionary to Japan in 1964; Joined BIMI 1973; Vice President of Kansai Independent Baptist
Bible School, Akashi, Japan 1973–1985; Director of Research and Enrichment 1985–1987
Far East Director 1987–2002; International Representative until 2012
CAMP BIMI, 14 years; Total years in missions, 54
Dr. J.B. & Linda Godfrey
Vice President and Executive Director since 2012; Joined BIMI 1973; Served in Senegal until
1990; Served in Zaire 1991–1993 Served as pastor in SC 1993-2002 and taught missions at
Ambassador Baptist C; Taught missions at West Coast Baptist College 2007–2010; Served as Far
East Director from 2002–December 2011; CAMP BIMI, 7 years
Combined years in missions, 74; full-time ministry outside missions, 12
Dr. Bob & Patsy Green
Hispanic Ministries & Aviation Director; ARM; Pastored in 1964-1967; reestablished Bible Baptist Church 1980-1983
Joined BIMI 1967; Served as missionaries in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador 1967–
1979; CAMP BIMI, 19 years ; USA Hispanic Ministries and Candidate Director 1989-2012; Combined years in
missions, 98; full-time ministry outside missions, 11
Rev. Ed Hembree
Europe Director since 2012; Pastored churches from 1979 to 1991
Joined BIMI 1991; Served as missionary to Romania 1993–2010
Served as Assistant Europe Director 2007-2011; CAMP BIMI–6 years
Total years in missions, 28; full-time ministry outside missions, 12
Rev. Robert Larson
USA Director since 2014; Pastored and planted churches for 17 years in the United States
Joined BIMI 2003 and served as USA missionary
2006-2013 Assistant USA Director; CAMP BIMI, 4 years
Total years in missions, 16; full-time ministry outside missions, 23
Dr. Steven Maldoff
Southeast Asia Director since 2015
Served as Assistant Pastor 1998; Joined BIMI 1999
Sserved as a missionary to Australia 2003-2014; CAMP BIMI, 5 years
Total years in missions, 20; full-time ministry outside missions, 1