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Dr. Robert Meyer
Southeast Asia International Representative Emeritus; Served 13 years as Minister of Music and Youth;
Joined BIMI 1972; Served as a missionary in Australia 1974–1984
Served as Southeast Asia Director 1984-2014; CAMP BIMI–1993-2018
Total years in missions, 47; full-time ministry outside missions, 7
Joan Moody
Missionary Hostess and Housekeeping 1998-2018
Involved with CAMP BIMI, 17 years
Served in Children’s Ministries and Camp Ministry for 58 years
Total years in missions, 59
Kathy Parks
Prayer Letter Services from 1994 to present
Began working at BIMI August 1987
Mailroom from 1987–1994; CAMP BIMI, 18 years
Total years in missions, 32; full-time ministry outside missions 11
Dr. Don Sisk
General Director Emeritus; Began working in ministry in 1954; Joined BIMI 1964
Missionary to Japan 1965–1973; Served as President of Kansai
Independent Baptist Bible School; Far East Director 1973–1983
President of BIMI 1983–2002; CAMP BIMI–often since 1993
Total years in missions, 55; full-time ministry outside missions, 9
Dr. David & Barbara Snyder
President and General Director since June 2010
Joined BIMI 1990; Served as missionaries in Alaska 1993–2003
Assistant Far North Director June 2002–2003
Far North Director 2003–June 2010; CAMP BIMI, 14 years; Combined years in missions, 58
Rev. Gary & Joy Sprunger
Caribbean Director since 2013; Joined BIMI 1973
Began as missionaries to the Caribbean in 1975
Assistant Caribbean Director 2004–2012; CAMP BIMI, 14 years
Combined years in missions, 92; full-time ministry outside missions, 8
Dr. Ray & Jean Thompson
Executive Director Emeritus; Missionaries to the West Indies 1955–1977
Joined BIMI 1964; Caribbean Director 1964–1991; Vice President 1991–2011;
CAMP BIMI, 20 yrs
Combined years in missions, 128
Kevin Wnuk
Computer Services Manager
Grew up on the mission field in Brazil;
Joined BIMI 1994; CAMP BIMI, 4 years
Total years in missions, 41
God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.

Hudson Taylor – China
I have but one passion: It is He; it is He alone. The world is the field and the field is the world; and
henceforth that country shall be my home where I can be most used in winning souls for Christ.

Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf