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Second, Al and Elizabeth Hamilton have been missionaries with BIMI for 25 years in Puerto
Rico and Italy; they received their 25-year pins from BIMI. My husband and I had the privilege
of pinning them. The Hamiltons have been faithful missionaries who have “stayed by the stuff.”
Third, Dr. Tom Lancaster and the European Military Missionaries presented my husband a
glass trophy recognizing his 34 years in the military ministry
as military missionary, Assistant Director, and Director. The
inscription read as follows: Dr. Jeff Alverson: Leader, Mentor,
Encourager, Patriot, and Friend in Recognition of your Faithful Service to the Lord and to Your “Troops” (fellow
missionaries) Presented by BIMI Military Missionaries in Europe, May 1, 2019. It was such a precious moment
for my husband whose eyes were filled with tears, as were most of the missionaries who were present.

It has been a wonderful journey working with our military missionaries in Europe as well as in Asia. We have
dedicated men and women who have given their lives to minister to our military—who love their country and
who are willing to make sacrifices for it. Thank you, fellow military missionaries, who have willingly given your
lives to serve the Lord and military missions.

Walk of Faith
By Bryan Baggett
Over 30 years ago, the Lord ordered our steps to come together, one from Tennessee and one
from Michigan. My wife, Kris, and I grew together in the bus ministry at a Bible college in
Florida. We later graduated from college and married in 1992. We are blessed to have two adult
children who are also serving the Lord in ministry.

While working to further my aviation training in preparation for the mission field, we labored
in military ministry at Bible Baptist Church (BBC), in Clarksville, Tennessee, just outside the
Army base at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The Lord directed our steps to become missionaries with
Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI). We were sent out of BBC to serve in the country of
Venezuela as church planters and pilot. It was our privilege to be a part of the BIMI missionary
family from 1995–2003. After God closed the door for our family to remain in the ministry in
Venezuela, we moved to Midland, Michigan (Kris’ hometown), where we served on staff at Mid-
land Baptist Church for five wonderfully fruitful years.

In 2008, our former sending church and my home church, Bible Baptist Church, asked me to re-
turn to be the Senior Pastor, where we served for ten years. Again, we worked with the fine men
and women of our United States military stationed at Fort Campbell. We were blessed to see the
church grow exponentially with many, many souls being saved and baptized during our tenure.

In fact, it was our thought to remain in this fertile harvest field for the rest of our lives. However, during our annual September Missions
Conference, the Lord spoke clearly to me concerning our surrender once again to serve Him in missions.

On December 30, 2018, I transitioned the church pastorate to new leadership in order to return to BIMI and take on the responsibilities
of the Assistant Director of US Military Ministries worldwide for BIMI. Since January, we have traveled extensively raising our support
in the United States and visiting with over 87 military missionaries globally. Our vision is to oversee and facilitate the planting of local
Bible-believing Baptist churches near military installations around the world in order to reach, minister to, and disciple military personnel
and their families.

In recent days, it has been our privilege to visit many of the churches situated outside of US military installations around the world.

Specifically, we spent the month of February traveling to six of the seven churches presently located in mainland Japan and Okinawa.

From the snow covered north of Misawa, Japan, to the sandy seaside of tropical Okinawa, it was an honor to worship with our men and
women serving our country and our Savior. From the quaint seaside town of Sasebo to the overwhelmingly enormous metropolis of Tokyo,
we experienced the different opportunities and challenges faced by our missionaries living there. We met Sailors, Airmen, Soldiers, and
Marines. Some of these encounters were on the streets of local cities while we handed out tracts and others were while we visited their bases
of operations to become acquainted with where they live and work. However, the greatest joy came when we gathered together around the
Word of God in church. Thank the Lord for the churches that He has allowed BIMI missionaries to establish and maintain over the years!
Just a few weeks later, we traveled to Germany to visit several churches and missionaries. We also participated in the European Military
Field Conference at Heritage Baptist Church, Mehlingen, Germany. For those who are not acquainted with a field conference, it is a time
for military missionaries serving all over Europe to gather for a time of refreshing, reporting, and renewal. It was exciting to meet with
these faithful servants of the Lord and to hear about the souls in their care. We were truly humbled to stand with those who represent over
278 years of combined military ministry service.

As we seek to follow the Lord and surrender to whatever task He puts before us, we are looking with anticipation to all that He has in store
for this ministry so rich in heritage. We expect Him to continue to order our steps in this walk of faith. We expect Him to continue to do
great things in the ministries of our BIMI military missionaries. We expect Him to continue to do great things in the hearts and lives of
our US service men and women.